Friday, 31 July 2009

Pacer 27 Club version splashes in Hout Bay waters!

Thats a very long looking 27 feet of boat.

Dudley,Juliana and Tojan toast the new boat to the HBYC race fleet,well done all of you!

This is a new design and may one day end up the boat of choice for the famous Lipton Cup races in South Africa.This is boat number one in the Club class of the Pacer 27 boat design.

The owners are Juliana and Tojan,here being assisted to christen the boat by the HBYC club founder,past commodore and now club president,Dudley Turner.

Pacer yachts comment:

chunderbucket has left a new comment on your post "Pacer 27 Club version splashes in Hout Bay waters!...":

Congratulations on the launch of Aquamaniac Tojan and Juliana. She is a slippery fish down-wind, you will have loads of fun with her. From all at Pacer Yachts!!

The Brigantine Romance

Left click the picture to fill your screen and see all the detail and spot the boats crew!

What a nice black and white photo,the ballance of the boat and the back drop of the clouds in the sky make the picture,sorry I do not know who to credit it to,please advise if you do?

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Traditional blocks and dead eyes in wood as kits

These are being made by Steve in Hout Bay,they are being retro fitted to the steel built Wylo two owned by the singer Nick Taylor.We will soon be looking to produce similar products to your order in quality white ash wood,CNC cut they will be very precise and neat.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Flicka 20 yacht news

Flicka 20 SV Scout,also to be found on the official Flicka web site at

Below and taken taken from the Flicka web site today,

Flicka build kits available at last! CDK Boats in Cape Town, South Africa are now offering Flicka kits, please read the FAQ on Flicka plans here..

Contact Roy at CKD Boats
Flicka kits!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Garrick Inn,Stratford upon Avons oldest pub

The Garrick pub,in Stratford upon Avon,picture is copyright to Notty(Al Noteman)

This was sent to me by Notty,seems he and his lady had their lunch here,its the oldest pub in town and just shows us how long wood can last!

Situated on the main High Street in Stratford the Garrick Inn is Stratfords oldest pub. A traditional black and white pub which dates back to the 14th Century. Refurbished in 2005, inside there is an olde worlde feel to the place with original beams and wood features. There is a small bar room, with a TV, another bar and a dining area. Being so central we are very popular with tourists, regulars and passers by alike. Workers and shoppers spend their lunchtimes with us, relaxing over a drink from the well stocked bar or having a meal chosen from the main menu.

The Garrick Inn, the double gabled building with curving timbers, is in a building that dates from 1595 and has been an Inn since the early 1700s. It's possible there was a pub on this site as early as the 14th century. The taller building, next door, with the straight timbers, was the home of Katherine Rogers, mother of John Harvard-the founder of Harvard University. Today it is a museum of British pewter, owned by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
The Garrick Inn was named for Shakespearean actor David Garrick after he organized the Shakespeare Jubilee in 1760. Until recently, its other major distinction was that this was the only non-smoking pub in Stratford-upon-Avon. But on July 1, 2007, all enclosed public places in England were scheduled to become smoke-free.

Hardwood wooden boat block kits and parts.

A selection of white ash blocks by another manufacturer,the same design but assembled.

We have done White Ash boat blocks for boats now for a while,always per order and more or less by hand but its time to make a standard range and use our CNC machine to do all the cutting work for us,we will then have all the parts you require to assemble your own hardwood shell blocks.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Blue water cruising,why we build the boat to do it

Left click this picture to view in a remarkable full screen size!

This picture I took when on the route from St Helena island to Ascension Island,the very large tanker is the Texaco Brasil,the girl is Trixi and the guy is Dennis,the owner of the yacht Brer Terrapin.

The Dix 43 as a wood/epoxy build

Seen here at Cape Towns RCYC,this was boat number one built other than in steel or alloy,its mainly ockume marine plys and epoxy,the boat will be ten years old next January and looksnow as it does in this picture .Taking precise instructions on the fitting of the keel from its designer Dudley Dix,we find the keel bolts do not leak a drop!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Notty,a sketch by Anna Woolf

Notty by Anna,copyright belongs to Anna Woolf.

Anna was also thinking of Nottys birthday,she sketched this drawing and I posted it to Notty in England,he was asked not to open the envelope untill today.Thank you Anna for this great sketch.

Notty the ships cook is granted a day off

Notty,its your birthday,take the day off and have a jar of John Smiths beer from me,

Regards Roy

Its Nottys birthday today!

Notty,the sailor,master cook and navigator on two of my atlantic crossings.

It is indeed my good friends birthday today,26 July 2009,as he was born in 1939 that makes him seventy (70) today! well done pal,may you have many more.

Notty and I stunned( and silenced) the faithfull at the RCYC club bar here in Cape Town,we said we would bring my boat back from Rio de Janerio double handed,they all said it would never work and we would end up not speaking to each other? We silenced that when we arrived as good friends still and even more so when later we did another South Atlantic crossing,this time the other direction and to Salvador,Bahia,Brasil,we also took Nottys daughter,Simone and a mutual friend,John,that was a sailing trip of note,what a success!

Thanks Notty!