Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bokke & Blomme has a good reception

The first trading day went well,peices of all shapes and sizes sold,some items ran out too.
they can remake a standard design to suit your specific needs,plus produce as advertising give aways for your company with a trade or personal logo on them.

Speak to Janet or Nigel for your specific needs.

The Didi Mini Transat deck pack kits

We have produced these from the first boat we built to the Dudley Dix Mini Transat design.Most ship to buyers of our CNC cut boat packs but not all,Kyrill is a customer who built his boat from plans but bought our deck pack later on.

Kyrills Didi Mini Transat is rather dwarfed by a large power boat,the place is the island of Mallorca in Spain but the order from Kyrill was placed when he and his boat was in Switzerland.

The stantions are special to CKD Boats cc,we designed them in house under discussion with the first boat customer and have done them this way ever since,we can powder coat the alloy silver or black,colours may be an option too?

The engineering kit includes the stantions,push and pulpits,316 stainless chain plates and tiller assembly.We can also offer the alloy keel foil and 300 kgs of hot pour lead ballast.Rudders and foils are also available,either as finished to an epoxy primer,or as CNC shaped blanks.

This boat is the Mk1 version,the same engineering pack will also fit the Mk2 and also the Mk3 versions.The Harken deck package has been supplied by us on a number of occasions also.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Introducing Bokke and Blomme

Janet was given a 36 hour lead time to set up a new retail stall at Hout Bays new Market,it will open as a stall to the public at 4pm but the trade and press will be there from 2pm.After friday the normal times for saturday and sunday will apply,friday evenings promise to be fun,they close a 9pm.

Now open and selling!

The new stall went in today,bit of a rush but now trading on day one.

 Spot lights will be added later today.

Janet has a wide and rather interesting range of items,most she designs but is quite open to others who have the idea but not the skills to make them.

CNC shaped and either hand or spray gun finished,some paints are textured too.

The range changes all the time,whats on display today may have to be remade for you.

Picture and mirror frames are possible,just supply your artwork or mirror.

Corporate signs and the alphabet letters are a good line,any script seems possible too.

The company banner,looks like a lot of options to me.

The opening hours are 4pm on a friday,10am on saturday and sunday,closing will be 9pm on friday with 5pm on a saturday and sunday.Entry is free,so is the parking,they have many security guards on duty,you may want to give them a tip on your way out.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

On the beach in Hout Bay Harbour

This was once a really great spot to careen your yacht,there was an opening under the north wall and sand used to wash in and out off the beach proper,now its closed the sand is less and the fishing boats tend to take the space we could use between tides.

As seen looking from the pier in front of the HBYC club house,looking left.

Is it not great when sea birds stop in mid flight so we can catch them on a photograph!
click on any picture to view in a larger size.


The Water Level

This is not about how to level water,it does that on its own anyway,rather about how to transfer a specific point from one place to the other.A simple length of 6mm clear hose bought for under R30 from our local Mica store simplifies my job of transfering an important datum line.

In this case its construction but it may just as well be the waterline on your boat,do you want to add a boot top line,is the waterline out of level right now,or are you building a new boat and need to level your bulkheads up? Marking the waterline on both sides of the bulkheads will save you a lot of time later on when fitting out.

6mm clear tube,filled with clean water and with two stopper plugs in each end to keep the water in place when its not being used.

Note,remove the stoppers when in use.

To start find a handy spot on the wall,transfer the datum mark to there,then from that point transfer back to what ever your trying to level,the reason we do this is as once the mark is transfered,we always know where we started,do not use a tree,they have a habit of growing!

How hard can this be.

R Mc B

A comment,please contact me if your interested in this device.

Hi Roy - just saw your blog on the water tube. Which reminded me of an "invention" I tried to patent about 15 years ago. Essentially it is a refinement of the water tube leveller, but has a wide reservoir on one end so that the water levels do not rise and fall on either side, allowing actual height datums to be read. See attached PDF.

I was amazed to see an article in SA sailing a few months ago by Aussie Bray detailing the exact same thing -said he couldn't remember where he read it - I meant to write to him and ask him but never got around to it.

But its genuinely quite a useful contraption!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Proteus 106 sailing catamaran

This just has to be one of the best boat packages on offer,the size and space you get in the boat is amazing,the performance is what would be expected from such a well known designer as Angelo Lavranos.

This is Rick on boat number one,that was built from  plans in Thailand before we were licenced to produce the kits.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Eureka canoe is in Kommettie

Passing some lakes and places with access to water, reminded me that Nigel has a Eureka canoe in build,this one is our demo model,well it will be when its finished!

The Eureka Canoe as designed by Mike Storer.
This one is a bit special,Nigel used our 6mm deluxe light ply,which is about half the weight of a normal ockume marine ply,the canoe will be easy to handle and a lot faster.They can be supplied either as a kit or as a completed canoe ready to use.

For custom cupboard componants  and special toys contact Nigel on 082 558-4448

This is the place your looking for when you visit Nigel at Digicut,he does fitted and loose cupboard parts ,kitchens and wardrobes,all on his CNC machine,so they are easy to self assemble.

The Kids Stuff table

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Singer Chamois is now a status car?

This seems so and when seen in the light of more modern cars,still looks the part.I have also noticed more and more recently just how much real attention our 1967 Singer Chamois (hillman imp) is getting.

Seen here in an upmarket residential setting the Singer looks quite at home.

Spring afternoon in Hout Bay

How good can this be,we have a few more days like this too.

Yesterday late afternoon,yacht Megafrieght returns to harbour.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Volvo MD 36hp three cylinder parts

Someone somewhere needs the parts that are on this engine,its up for trade,what have you or Kruger Rands (bits of) contact me for information.

In a used condition and available as is.

As far as I am aware,all parts are available but not for long!


The Northshore annual street braai (barbacue)

Gill and Eric Wells started an event some four years back,the recipie is rather simple,they light the fires at 5pm sharp,open a beer,then sit back and see who turns up!

It takes place on the first saturday in September,which Eric says marks spring,looking at some of the new leaves on the trees,I would say he is correct.

Now in its forth year,its become a great success with a good turn out.

To organise your own such event,just print a batch on notices and two weeks before the set date,take a walk around your own estate,dropping the messages in each post box as you go.Then light the fires on the given date and see who turns up!

How hard can that be?