Saturday, 4 July 2015

Trawler repairs in the water, Hout Bay Harbour

This has been going on for a very long while, the slip may not have space or the electric motor that hauls the slip up the ramp may not have been replaced since it was last stolen, before that they stole the battery that started the engine that hauled the slip cradle.

I assume the boat being worked on has a fish catching quota so is worth the time and effort to repair it, the hulk at the North wall probably has no quota?

The floating work platform takes many workmen, they must have a genset on the trawler as the service power line to the harbour mole was stolen some months back, all sixty meters of it.

We have around fifteen fishing boats sunk in the Hout Bay Harbour, most due to theft of skin fittings they say?

Breaking news?

A resident on one of the better fishing trawlers advised me today that a tender is either out or has been awarded to a company with an articulated arm and a claw grabber, the idea being to just pick all the wooden wrecks up piece by piece, or is this a fairy tale?


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to re wire a Perkins 4108 instrument panel

This work starts tomorrow, so pictures from then on.

The new loom was cut in half with a jig saw blade but thats no matter really as now the panel can be removed from the boat and serviced on the bench when required.

Note, I have two complete Perkins 4108 wire looms, they both have different colour wires, so please be advised.

One is in great shape and I suspect the loom is from a later engine which I also have!
Tools of the trade on the day of re installation, shrink tube was also used to cover terminals when the panel was on the bench.

How your panel is wired is anyones guess but the gauges should all be the same VDO made type? wire loom colours are standard Lucas I think?

Click on the images, they should enlarge.

This panel has some additions, the key switch is none original, this one was USA packaged, there is a positive supply taken off it to power another unit such as 12 volt power take off for a search light should it be needed . Left of center is an oil pressure warning light, this is due to be connected to an alarm as well.


Monday, 29 June 2015

Paper Jet 001 is for sale!

Words below are by the boats designer, Dudley Dix.

This was the first such boat ever cut, CKD Boats cc cut it!

Now for sale at only U$8000. Contact Dudley direct on 

I designed the Paper Jet to be an exciting junior trainer, capable of taking a young sailor through multiple skill-levels, from a basic free-standing una-rigged dinghy through to a high-performance trapeze skiff with asymmetric spinnaker. This it does without having to spend bundles of money to trade up to another boat, by doing it all on the same hull and adding or swapping rig and hardware components. She is extremely light, with the hull weighing only 94lb, easily manhandled by small crew.

British Seagull outboard motor for sale

A part restored and working 4.5hp outboard motor is now for sale.

As you can see the motor is quite good right now.

It will restore very nicely I think.

It has the gear, which is really a clutch, to reverse you just swing the motor around.

This motor will push quite a large boat.

It has never been in sea water as I found it on the Vaal Dam.



 The Castrol EP 140 gear oil is ex stock while unsold.

Price would be R6000 as it is now and R7750 with the required parts stripped and repainted, exports are fine, Vat @ 14% for RSA residents etc. For USA buyers we are talking of only U$650 and repainted.

Years Manufactured
1967 to 1973
Plus - Clutch Drive
Wipac Mk 2
Gear Oil
SAE or EP 140
Plus -Clutch Drive
The Villiers Carb was used on all these models, the same carb on 102 cc and 64cc, no difference? How that works no one has ever explained, but it does make it easier to swop carbs about!