Friday, 19 April 2013

OZ Racer plans sold today

I was told by a designer recently that the plans trade was picking up, seems so, this is
our second plans or kit order in just over a week.

Mike Storer designed this OZ RV racer.

Oh ... I attached a photo ;) That's the RV with the leeboard. Pro

boatbuilder :)


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tammie Norrie to be built here in Hout Bay

We have an order to supply a full kit to this design and also have it built by a local
boat builder here  in Hout Bay.

My thanks Alec Jordan for the use of the link above.

In the case of the boat to be built here, the cut files were made up for CKD Boats cc
on a one off build basis by Jordan Boats. The licence to plans and use of the same cut files is on request for other orders.


Monday, 15 April 2013

Building our Oppikat kit

In fact it was just the bulkheads on this one, the unusual thing was we could send them to the USA by regular post. The choice was either by sea or air, the option chosen was the surafce route, it did take eight weeks but as ever the mail got there.

The strip planking has now begun, Greg has a nice work shop I note, its great to build the two at the same time but you could easily build one at a time and on a narrow counter top against a wall?

Mail from the builder:

Hi Roy,

Here's the first shot. I'm also taking a time lapse photo set.

Can't say I've ever stripped a boat before, so I'm learning, including the
need to really pick quarter sawn stock and using steam :)


Mail from The Road, waiting for a cyclone.

For a change the guys on the ground are really helping the cruising yachts, this is on the island of
Rodrigues and well done to them too!

Cyclone Imelda will be over us sometime this afternoon, early evening. The rain, and wind especially is building up quite steadily.
With the fantastic help from the Port Captain and his 2nd in command, The ROAD and Shayele are as secure as possible - we all worked for 2 hours in the rain this morning putting more lines out, supplied by the Port Authorities. We have never experienced - anywhere in our travels - such friendly, helpful and willing people.
 Will update when we

Diesel in fresh water tanks

There is a cure and I was advising someone on the marina this weekend on what to use to clean a boats water tanks when they are just dirty from water.

Diesel is of course another matter!

I had a guy in Scotland phone me in a panic the other day. He was up there in a hired camper van and had put diesel in the fresh water tank. I asked him which way he was coming down and he was going to go M 6 and M 5 to Heathrow where he hired it from so I told him to divert to the M 1 and I would meet him at our junction 22. He arrived late last night so I sold him a bottle of our special tank cleaner and he put it in there and then and stayed the night. This morning he came round to the house as he could not find a hose at the hotel they had stayed in so I helped him flush the tanks out till there was no taste or smell of fuel.

He offered to pay me for my time but I said just send me a letter of thanks that I can use on the website, so he promised to do that. About an hour after he left he sent me a very nice text thanking me for saving his bacon as the hire company would have had a field day with that once they smelt fuel in the water, can you imagine how they would have filled their boots? The text finished by saying, 'its people like you that make the world a better place!' Shit; no one has ever said that before?


Contact me if you need to get rid of diesel smell and tastes, even in the boats bilge.

How hard can that be?