Friday, 14 February 2014

Extra Sailing Dinghy kits

This may be possible as we now have the plans and have been asked to price CNC cutting on the hull.

Both pictures were posted by Geoffrey on the class web site, my thanks.

Costing will be done soon, permission from the class association to get a class number should be sought by the kit buyers?

The design was drawn by H H McWilliams and in 1961, the boat is 3660mm long.
The plans we hold are dated April 1989, please advise if any updates were drawn after that date before we produce a DXF cut file.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Porche 906 circa 1966 information wanted!

This comes to me by way of pictures I have posted of classic sports car racing in the past, can anyone help please?

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Dear Roy, 

My name is Yann Jules, and I am currentyl working on re-documenting the history of a Porsche 906 you and your friend Eric Wells may have seen in the 1960s when it raced in South Africa.

The current owner of the car is a good friend and asked me to find further documentation than what he already has.

I've noticed that you've posted some pictures from Eric from the period the car was in South Africa and I was wondering if maybe he had some of the car in his archives. 

Would you mind forwarding him my email and details? 

Thank you in advance.

Yann Jules

Now restored an looking magnificent.

Does anyone have pictures or information on this car?

Hi Roy, 

Wow, I didn't expect to get a reply so fast...

I was actually looking at the old pictures of the Cape Town 3 hours in the late 1960s.

The car I'm looking for is the dark green Porsche 906 Carrera 6 of Michael De Udy. It was raced during the 1966 9 hours of Kyalami (I have a lot of pictures of the car during this race, and De Udy crashed). 

It was also there at the 3 hours of Lourenço Marques in December 1966, the 3 hours of Pietermaritzburg (also known as the Roy Hesketh 3 hours), and two additional races in Kyalami and Cape Town in January 1967.  Then it came back to the U.K.

Attached is a picture of the car in the 1966 Kyalami 9 hours, before the crash, as well as a current picture taken a couple of weeks ago, and one from Le Mans Classic in 2012.

Thank you for offering to post the request for me, can you send me the link? I will ask directly, hopefully it will yield some results!

 Thank you very much for your reply.
A short note about the car: following the crash at Kyalami, it was repaired and later repainted. 
It is possible that in the races it entered after Kyalami, it already had its livery it had in the U.K. in 1967; light green with darker green stripes in the middle.



Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Perkins 4108 marine engine, new parts

The work load will soon allow the rebuild of a stripped down Perkins 4108M engine with a sea water heat exchanger, below is the parts package that will go into the engine.

Click on the picture to enlarge the image.

The parts include new pistons and liners, bearings to the crank and small ends to the pistons, plus all the correct gaskets to ensure an oil tight engine.

We have the engines original boat allocation documents, matching numbers and the workshop manual which will be sold with the engine.

The engine can be sold with or without the heat exchanger, the velvet drive 2:1 gearbox is an option, we can also consider taking your old Perkins 4108m as a part exchange.

Built to be ex stock or order, which ever is sooner!


Monday, 10 February 2014

Watchmate Vision AIS arrives

This is pre sold, we do this for each and every order due to the many options each boat may require.

The five control buttons are on the right hand side of the screen, visible when the unit is switched on.
The Vision AIS has its own built in 50 channel GPS as well.

Well packaged and complete with a robust cover.

Allow one week for the secure FedEx delivery to either our premises or your boat, those boats in transit should receive a vat and duty free invoice.

Vision AIS has its own Wi-Fi system.
Hi Roy,
You are right. Vision *IS* a WiFi router. You don't need another one. Your PC,
WiFi range is approx 20m. It can be reduced if the boat is metal or if it is mounted near large metal objects like tanks or engines.
Keep in mind... the Vision and XB-8000 don't give you access to the internet or a shore WiFi. Rather, they establish an on-board WiFi network between themselves and your various devices. They can have 5 devices simultaneously connected to it and will route data between those devices and will also provide a GPS, AIS and NMEA instrument feed to each of those devices simultaneously. You can then run apps and software on the devices (PC's, Mac's, tablets, smart phones, etc) for navigation (eg. put your own position and all vessels around you on a chart in the palm of your hand on an iPad).
phone, tablet, Mac, etc can all connect directly to Vision over WiFi with no other equipment required.
Have a look at this graphic we recently put together to try to show more clearly what the XB-8000 and Vision can both do:


Sunday, 9 February 2014

A day at the races and Coventry Climax (08/02/2014)

That's me, I am off to the Kilarney Race Circuit this morning to see all the period and classic racing cars!

The best money we can ever spend is to support the WPMC each year so they can afford to host the event.

I drove my Hillman Imp to second place in the Argus Group series car, in the same event but that was forty two years back!