Friday, 26 December 2014

Taylors 30 stove top and brass fiddle for sale

January 30th, 2015, its now sold and has been boxed and will ship by courier soon.

We have one here, plus the  rest of the stove which includes the double glazed oven door.

R3000 for it as it is, the stove was cut down some to make it smaller but the parts are still with the stove.

There are no burners or pipes but I have a pair of new burners at R1400 each, plus restored ones at R800 each, so you can make a plan? You will need to supply your own pressure pump and paraffin supply line.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

We have sent a Taylors 30L to Australia and in two cartons due to the weight, this one is smaller and lighter so can go as one carton.


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy Christmas

Where ever you are, have a great festive season!

Yanmar 1 GM10 servicing

I am not going to tell you how to change the oil and filter, just highlight what other items you need to check.

Compliments of the season!

I serviced my Yanmar yesterday and found the normal house of horrors in the raw water cooling system, so if yours is raw water have a look at my blog in a day or so?

I took this picture to show me at what sector the drive peg was at so that refitting will be easier.
It is far simpler to remove the entire pump rather than just the impellor.

The impellor area had become salt bound, it was still turning but the in and out pipes in the pump were near blocked.

The anode had gone, changed a year back I need to check my log bookon the date?

The thermostadt was also blocked with crap from the salt build up and while it works it does not quite close and I need a new one.

Running the engine after salt water with a three way valve and bringing in freash water will solve all of this.

A friend asked about a rev counter, I asked Jamie at IMS about how they worked?

There are two pick up types, one is from a mark on the flywheel, the other is a sender unit that fits in the block someplace I think ?

So you may need to check which rev counter you find uses which pick up and what is on your motor now?


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A none slip paint finish that works

This was dreamed up by me around sixteen years or so back, given the test of time I can advise the system works and probably better than any other I have seen?

Click on the images to view them full size.

The main part of the system is selected and graded teak saw dust, the other is International Paints 990 Interthane top coats.

I did this cockpit in about four hours and working on a surface already prepared with three coats of Intergard epoxy primer, then two coats of Interthane 990 top coat polyurethane top coat paints.

With this process we start with the correct sanding of the base that will be painted, 816 epoxy  as a minimum coating, two coats, then three coats of Intergard etch primer, yes thats two days gone already.

The Intergard primer then received two coats of Interthane 990 PU top coats, only then were we able to mask out and apply the none slip effect.

Once masked, another coating of Intergard 990 top coat is applied,then while still wet the teak sawdust is applied and as full coat,  when the paint is dry the excess is brushed off and two more coats of Interthane top coats are applied,in this case we used white 990 and a dash of black to give the pale grey shade.

As you can see this is no quick fix, it needs care and the time to do the work , which will be better done out of  direct sunlight as the paints will dry faster then required then, the eight coats give a very tough and long lasting surface.

The metal mesh sieve is important, the plastic ones seem to all have a mesh thats too large to apply in the correct ratio.

Only the graded teak dust will work, we stock that and can sell you it in 500 grams packs, postage to most places will be possible.


Father Christmas is in Hout Bay, South Africa.

Father Christmas is in Hout Bay.

Yes I saw and spoke to him this morning, I also gave him a small donation and wished him well on his trip around the world delivering his toys starting tomorrow night :D

What a happy and jolly man, the entrance ticket vendor to the harbour joined in the picture.

Have a Happy Christmas folks!


Cape Henry 21 kit build in Seattle

This was made from a kit we exported to Fred in Seattle, nice progress and a nice work space I see.

We packed the CNC cut kit in a steel strapped wooden crate made from 16mm chipboard and also loaded the boats steel drop keel on top of the ply's before closing off the order.

Shipping was very cost effective!