Friday, 15 February 2013

Painting Eddies Argie 10

This does look nice!

Thanks for the pictures Eddie, you should be on the water soon?

The Argie 10, designed by Dudley Dix, built by Eddie from a kit supplied by CKD Boats cc.

Eddie asked me what that half moon cut out on the transom is for?

This was my reply:

Hello Eddie,

Your pictures showed some good detail and made a nice blog addition, many thanks for them.

The notch will be for a single sculling oar, to use a single oar to go forwards you place the oar in the notch, with the blade held vertical

Then with a side to side motion you also add a twist to the action, this will move the boat forwards at quite

A decent pace, try it and see!

Nice question, also a nice blog as well.




Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nokia 5000 rear cover and battery wanted

We sort of lost the back cover and battery to our Nokia 5000 cell phone, purchased only in August 2009, we are informed by the local Voda Shop who suppied it that neither the case or battery is in stock.

when the Sim Card is inserted in a spare phone, not all of the addresses come up, we need a spare battery and rear cover, can anyone help?

Designed in  Finland and made in India!


Web site down ( was down)

Well its about week four now that the web site has been down.
Who is responsable is not clearly known or understood but as of yesterday a payment was made to the host that holds the website and I expect money will sort the issue out, it may be running tomorrow
then again it may not!

For those who want to contact us, try the phone at 27 21 790-3859, its also a fax line, or email at

roy (at) or kits (at) , change that (at) for @  please.

Normal service will be with you quite soon!

I have just tried the link to CKD Boats as posted above, the site now opens and shows

I was able to open the various pages, if anyone out there can do the same and drop me a line to say they can I would like to hear from you.

Go to the Contact Us page on the website, you will then find the link by email.


My thanks to Christiaan, Justin and Alex for confirmation that we are back on line!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sailing on yacht Brer Terrapin

I could have taken this picture, in fact I took some myself from much the same position when on the same boat on my first South Atlantic crossing from South Africa to Brasil.

Picture kindly supplied by Ruth.

Ruth did the first ocean crossing with her husband Pip, who built the boat with his brother Mike and also their father, they had their baby son with them on that crossing.

 Was this picture taken on the first trip or the return back from Rio de Janerio to Cape Town, I would like to think so but do not actually know!


Building details of Eddies Argie 10 dinghy

The builders plans and instructions are good, photos often simplify the method and build process, so here are a few more that Eddie supplied from his building of the Argie 10 kit we sent him.

The method is named a Stitch and Glue process, the stitches in this case are done with bare 1.62mm copper wire, once the tapes inside have had their epoxy cured, the copper is then removed.

Glass tapes and epoxy, very neat Eddie!
With the epoxy and glass tapes done, the hull is bonded and can be filler faired, then painted, we supply an International Paints painters guide with each kit sold.

The hull is ready for fitting out now, seats and mast step strcucture
The mast step prior to bonding with glass tapes and epoxy.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Andrews Tididi build progress

I have just looked at Andrews blog on his Hartley 37 build, progress indeed!

This was not one of our CNC cut kits, Andrew had hand lofted and setup the frames, then wehn the stringers and keel section was ready he came to CKD Boats cc for the plywood hull plating.

That later became epoxies and WBP plys for the interior, a very nice build process and very well done!

Andrews words:

The picture is taken from Andrews blog page.
Well she is slowly starting to look more like a yacht on the inside too. I am on a bit of a roll at the moment and seem to be able to achieve more and more in the limited time available.
The partial bulkhead on the starboard side is complete with all the necessary framing attached for the settee berth, as well as the chart table, and is ready to be fixed permanently to frame #6. The one on the port side is still to have it's framing attached before it can be permanently fixed to the frame.


Two brothers and two boats

Two Boats is a place name on Ascension Island, in this case its two boats for two brothers who both bought Argie 10 kits at the same time, made sense we could pack and ship for less.

Brother Eddie has made a fine job of his Argie 10 kit assembly and is now asking about the Argie 15 kit!
This looks very neat and really well put together
The Argie 10 kit uses three sheets of ockume mmarine ply, the Argie 15 uses six sheets.
Nice build Eddie.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Paper Jet racing in the USA

Taken from the Dudley Dix blogspot.

We have developing news for the owners of boats to our Paper Jet design. We are in the very early stages of organising the first formal racing for the Paper Jet class. It will be part of a larger event and we need enough entries to have our own start. If we can get a large enough fleet of Paper Jets we can maybe have our own course. 

Boat number one and built from a CNC kit supplied by CKD Boats cc , Cape Town.
Skiffs are not happy on windward/leeward courses, so liked by dinghies with conventional spinnakers. They cannot be competitive against conventional classes when the emphasis is on beating and running. Skiffs prefer triangular courses, with reaching legs that allow them to sail at full potential. I am at my happiest on my boat when blasting at high speed on a beam to broad reach, when my PJ can really stretch its legs and fly past most other boats. Granted, I am sometimes on the extreme limit of control but the exhiliration of skipping off the waves and sometimes passing powerboats is worth the price of the not-so-occcasional capsize. It all helps to remind me that I am alive and enjoying the experiences of life.

Dix Design adds Jig Saw joints

We now have the CNC files for a Didi 38 / 40cr, the files contain jig saw joints on both the bulkheads and also hull and deck skin panels. The saving in assembly time will be quite a lot, no more hand planes and joints are so easy to assemble!

Pictures will be added when we have cut some sample boards, so check back in a day or so?


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hout Bays changing seasons

This weather frontal, that plus the constant rain of yesterday may well herald the arrival of the changing of the seasons?

The beach is this close to our home, check the SW front moving across the bay, thats right to left.

Is that a cloud or a UFO?

What ever it is its leaving!
All pictures by R McBride using a Canon G11 on various settings
To the right is Hout Bay Harbour with Chapmans Peak Drive on the mountain behind, well worth a visit.
Dudley Dix in the USA saw my blog, as an ex resident and long time surfer and sailer in our region, he commented as below.
Change of seasons here too. Daffodils are starting to bloom.
That cloud looks much like a lenticular cloud formation, as happens downwind of a mountain. Might have been from the SW wind lifting over the little koppie above the viewing area of Chappies, then dropping down and bouncing up again off the water.