Saturday, 25 October 2014

HBYC parking for members only

This is of course not quite correct, its more like a first come first served but given the area in front of the Hout Bay Yacht Club is part of the club its more than possible that the members will claim the space first.

Check the yellow paint on what is paving laid and paid for by the HBYC.

The large letter P with an angled line across it is a symbol saying No Parking the club members have decided its not meant for them. Is the large red and white STOP sign not a contradiction I wonder.

Who did this? I was told the Harbour Master was responsable but why and do we have a harbour master in the Hout Bay Harbour I wonder?

Its a crazy world but this is South Africa!


Friday, 24 October 2014

New Hillman Imp interior door cards

These are based on original but Singer Chamois style trims, the later Imp deluxe had nothing at the top edge of the door card, not even the door pocket, yet another degrade made from the time that Chrysler USA took over the Rootes Car Company, as sad day for Britain I think.

The black is real leather and the silver is a metal application process done on what was the Singer Chamois bur walnut over mahogany wood trim.

Now with the full re trim in place we have a door interior to be proud of, yes those bits of wire will be replaced!


New Hillman Imp seat covers

The 1971 Hillman Imp is now back in the work shop, the full retrim having been done to the very highest of standards, the seating panels mimic the original pattern but have black leather added, suits the car and is very nice.

The carpets and head liners, plus window rubbers are now all new as well.

This really is nice, its so well done!


Hillman Imp new oil cooler pipes

The old ones were about eighteen years old and while they still worked they were not suitable to put back in the 1967 Hillman Californian coupe, the old ends were removed and fitted into new hose, now very nice!

There is still one heck of a long way to go on this refurbishment job but each day we seem to make some progress.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Introducing Veneerform

Check the picture, what your seeing is our regular Superform bending plywood which has one one face with a bonded veneer face on it.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Just think how easy it will be to use and apply this new product.

Now credited with the international Bureau Veritas certificate of approval

This does not come lightly or cheaply, the end result though is that you the valued customer gets an approved product which you can sell on to your customer with confidence.


A new alloy oil cooler from the old one

Well first we need the old one, the one in the picture must be nearly twenty years old?

The original silver paints were removed with the bead blasting machine, then an hour was spent with a small tool making the vanes straight again.

The orange plastic nipples are there to block the entry into the cooler up, the correct hex headed pipe ends are used when the alloy oil cooler is in service.

The application of Hammerite silver paint with a high volume low pressure spray gun makes the job.
As good as new, nearly!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Todays fog in the Hout Bay Harbour

Certainally time for the radar you have always wanted, GPS is great but does not show you other craft that you may meet on the same path your steering.

Photo taken using a Canon G11 digital camera.

More fog predicted for tommorrow.


More hanging about in Hout Bay Harbour

Over some weeks I watched as this block and tackle were designed and fitted to the fishing boat. This was not just a chop and weld construction, each part was cut and fitted, placed and welded, then when it was proven the fit was good, it was demounted and taken to be hot dipped galvanized.

This is one of the larger trawlers of its class in Hout Bay harbour, its hull is GRP, most are still in wood excepting a 50ft design in GRP which is still moulded here.

They will need to catch a lot of fish to pay for this bit of kit.

Click on the pictures to view full size.

Now thats what I call a Block and Tackle!

There is always some item or other of interest in our local harbour, you just have to look around.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Winter in South Africa

Not really but a large hail storm 1000 miles north east of Cape Town.

Time to start the day. Picture is of kids in hail which they pretended was snow other day!
 While they played with the hail we had 28c down here and a strong south easter trade wind!


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Toylander party fun

This sort of proves just how much fun a Toylander toy car can be! This was the demonstrator car, one I cut out from the CNC kit set panels and had glued up in one day, it makes for ease of understanding when you dry assemble to see the panel fit sequences.

Kit sets to the body, bonnet and front wing curves are available from and plans from Real Life Toys in the UK.

This was a great party and it was not even a childrens party.

Its also good exercise for dad.