Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hout Bay Harbours Travel Lift in action

Where is this Travel Lift,its a 40 tonner by the way,well my Garmin GPS says we stopped at this position, S 34 03 132' and E 18 20 722' but dont take my word for it,check before you use those positions,basically its a hard turn left when you enter Hout Bay Harbour mouth,then head for the center mole on the far side of the harbour,the slip is on the right side of the mole on the far end.

This is Flying Cloud our Dix 43 being lifted by the travel lift in the Hout Bay Boat Yards facility,run by Warren and his crew,its a very pro opperation I can recomend.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Foxy Lady,the Zeeslang connection.

We can easily produce a bulkhead and frame set to this design if required but it will not 'measure' as the original boats had wood frames,not CNC cut marine plys we would offer,the boat will be lighter in wood epoxy though,so faster.

A Royal Cape One Design (RCOD) at speed,thanks for the words and picture Chris.

Hi Roy - I still own Foxy Lady which is a fibreglass RCOD. And yes these little boats still go like smoke. During the 2008 Vasco we regularly surfed at speeds of 18 kts. After the race the log and gps showed max speeds of 22 and 23.5 kts respectively. Neither of the drivers remembers achieving this speed but we may have been too busy watching the spinnaker leech to think about the log. We sailed a there and back race on Sunday ( abt 14 nm ) and finished first over the line and handicap. Although Foxy is for sale ( I have to sell her to finace refurbishing my Morgan 31 ) I cannot think of a better budget boat for the Sa coast. Her replacement, the L26 is a good boat, but you cant do ocean passages on one. As you probably know Suidoos II has 4 Atlantic crossings under her keel ( 2 South Atlantic Races from which she returned on her own bottom ).



Tuesday, 26 January 2010

One design class boats in miniture

Colin Farlam is well known as the historian for the RCYC here in Cape Town,he is also known for his success in promotion as 'Colin Farlam Yachts', he makes and sells complete boats and also kits he can send by post. The GRP hull he is holding weighs just 3kgs,even when he has fitted bulkheads and decks using our epoxies and plys, the boat will weigh little more.

The boats design is a Sparkman and Stevens, each hull or kit Colin sells carries a certificate and a hull number prooving the design and royalty fee as paid the the designers, contact me at kits at for more information.

The roll of wood on wood mahogany veneer will be laminated to make a super thin modeling ply, it will be around 2mm when bonded,this makes a light ply suitable to deck the GRP one design model with, its waterproof.

February 8th, 2013:

Colins neice has just phoned me with the sad news that Colin has recently passed on.
Colin was our link with the past, he knew so much about the yachts and boats in Cape Town.

R.I.P Colin.


Monday, 25 January 2010

More Zeeslang

A sunday morning visit to the Hout Bay Boat Park saw Jean and I on the small marina,there we found Zeeslang and a nice plaque showing when the marina was opened,Johan happens to be a sailing man and a friend of mine.The boat yard is well run by helpfull staff,they have a travel lift,it will take 30 tons?

Zeeslang,once the fastest boat in RSA,she will be no slouch now?

Hi Roy

I read your article on the Net about "Zeeslang" nice to see she gets the
attention she deserves! I Have sailed a couple of times on her. Friends of
mine own her and there is a rumour she might do a long distance race, who
knows! Myself I own an old boat too with a pedigree but not as old as
Zeeslange thought. "Impact" is mine and I own her since 2001, we mainly race
her and we do well lots of wins and never lower then coming 5th place. She
was built by Bobby Bongers and is cold moulded, but I am sure you know all

Great article and hope to hear from you regarding senior race



Sunday, 24 January 2010

Our 3.8 Jaguar S Type is for sale

Left click on the pictures,they should open full size.
DuPont,USA,checked the colour as being an original Jaguar paint named New Red.

This Jaguar 3.8 S type has been family (its mine) owned this past 27 years,the car has been well maintained and various upgrades have taken place over this period,some of which are:

Engine rebuild
near new cylinder head three years ago
Proffesional rebuild of rear suspension and brakes all round four years ago,new brake hoses,all brake cyilinders rebuilt with new rubbers.
Repaint of all of the cars undertray and suspension four years ago
Wire wheels,hubs and spinners
All leather retrim inside
Wood Rim steering wheel
Radiator serviced
New water pump four years ago
Recent battery
Recent fuel pump
All stainless steel exhaust fitted five years ago,correct layout and design used.
etc etc,

The milage shown is not correct but is as posted on the speedo,I would think the car has done twice the milage?

Five times a Cape Jaguar Drivers Club Concours class winner,this is a good example of this model,which was Jaguars entry into a limited slip differential with inboard disc brakes that reduce weight at the wheels,driven firmly,even in wet conditions the car is very positive due to the diff,which was also intoduced on the Jaguar E Type.The car would be improoved with a full body respray,I can arrange this at an extra charge.I can also ship world wide,the car is in Cape Town,South Africa.The price is R130,000 which is U$17,100,Pounds Sterling 10,850 and Euros 11,850 or as the exchange rate adjusts when you read this mail.

Class B AIS Transponder

Watchmate AIS is available from CKD Boats,Cape Town.
Left click pictures to view and read full size.