Saturday, 22 February 2014

Robert in Tysons of Dryden Street, Liverpool

Robert joined Tysons around the same time as myself, we were both part of the new intake of Apprentice Joiners in 1963.

A Roy McBride photo.

Check out the full story in the link above.

This really is very rare picture of the inside of Tysons Joinery Shop!

Its about 49 years old now?


Friday, 21 February 2014

Caltex Extended Life Coolant 50/50 mix

That is what will be put into the 1967 Singer Chamois (hillman imp) all alloy motors cooling system this weekend.

I bought the 5ltr pack some months back but as the Imp needs 6.5 ltrs of coolant if it has a heater fitted,I have not been able to change the coolant over as I was then 1.5ltrs short.

The back of the pack clearly says DO NOT MIX WITH WATER.

Ok, so now what, buy another 5ltrs as I am told you can not get a 1 ltr pack in South Africa?
At about R270 a pack thats more than it makes sense to leave the rest on the shelf, you see this coolant is good for 200,000 kilometers or five years!

Checking the web Isee that Caltex au (Australia) clearly tell you to mix with water, so I phoned Caltex za and spoke to Barend.

Yes I can dilute but with Distilled Water, I would have done this anyway.

Barend was cautious about the lower freezing protection, as the protection will cover down to minus 40c.
Hout Bay in South Africa rarely sees plus 4c, so in my case we are still on the safe side.

Another and very IMPortant plus side is that with the Caltex Extended Life Coolant, the boiling point will rise by as much as 8c, now thats worth having!


Mirror dinghy sailing

What a great photograph!

 The photo was taken by Phil Coltman, my thanks to Phil.

Sunset in a close finish at St Mawes Social Club regatta 2007 - Emma Cosier and Emily Kitchener 2784

See photo, 9369 was built in 1967 & yellow boat is 15563 built in 1969.

This is the proof that the Mirror class of dinghy really does last and is excellent value!


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Superform bending plywood display in Poland

FYI The exhibition conveys exactly what the products are, using very little...clever usage of the products...

Click on the images for a full sized view.

That' s nearly an understatement, the stand is near bare compared with many trade stands but the message still comes aross.

We have distributors with stocks, please contact me for details or view the link below.


Jaguar XK engine rebuilt

My mechanic says:

  Its getting exciting !!


Click on the picture to view in a larger size.

The engine is Jaguars famous 3.8 litre size, basically the winner of many a LeMans race when fitted in the D Type Jaguar racing cars. With the so called D Camshafts and three SU carbs rather than the
normal two, the increase in power was all that was needed.

This standard six cylinder engine was at 220hp output said to be the most powerful engine of its size
when it was new?

The clutch plate was checked before refitting, it was seen to be fine and the same I fitted new about thirty years ago!


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A picture from the past

Remember when?

I have no idea what the picture was about or where it was taken?

Looks like plus thirty ladies and three men, was it a concert?
Time wise I suspect 1920s to 1930s?

Click on the picture for a larger image, what a photo!

My gran Amy McBride (leech) could well be in the picture but I can not see
which one she may be?

Gran took a year off domestic stuff once and sailed across the ocean on a liner as
a cabin girl, was this a ship board stage show?

My thanks to Norman Dunn of Hebburn on Tyne for correcting what was a very faded image.
Who took the picture, I have no idea!


Mirror dinghy kit progress?

Dismal would be a good way to put it?

Still with a new house to finish, that's doing painting, hanging doors, sanding a painting wood laid floors, the actual move and all that's involved, plus the new kitchen cupboard's to make and install, you could forgive the CNC man this time!

Luke watches while his parents and brothers plot is cleared with a real digger loader.
They moved into the new house yesterday!

There is progress of course, we are about to have the first Mirror dinghy kit set cut, I have asked for the pricing on the wood required, also for a packing carton.

Progress but no boat?

Soon, it will be soon!

Orders look like eight right now, so if you want a Mirror dinghy kit please let me know.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hillman Imp, Singer Chamois or Sunbeam Sport front disc brake kits

We have done these for some years now, the kits are imported and well worth the wait, they fit and they work.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

This set is a little different, in this case the customer asked that we fit the standard 12" steel rims and 80 series tyres, so the Ford KA 240mm diameter brake disc needed 20mm taking off it.

The disc also needs the center opening out, plus the 4" PCD wheel stud holes have to be drilled.

Each kit includes a special stainless outer braid fluid line as made by, one end is Imperial threaded to fit the Imps existing brake fittings, while the other end is Metric to fit the Ford Fiesta brake caliper thread.

(the stub axle is an old one)

Nice work!

I have them fitted to my own 1967 Singer Chamois with a part Sport engine but with the full size brake disc and 13" steel rims with Fiat Uno size tyres, the set up with the addition of Monte Carlo road springs makes for a sporting but comfortable daily driver.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Dave starts his Argie 10 building

On Tuesday last week we sent the Argie 10 kit by road to his address about 1000 miles away to the North East, by Friday it had arrived, nice service from our couriers!

Two of the family check out  the contents of the carton we shipped.
That epoxy, fumed silica, micro balloons, glass tapes and a book on International paints.

The CNC cut sheets of 6mm okoume marine ply were shipped between two sheets of 9mm pine ply for safety, we then steel band strap the pack for a secure package.

Davids son in front of one of the three 6mm sheets of okoume marine plywood that will soon be made into a boat.

Davids daughter inspects all the CNC shaped panels when David had them cut from the three sheets of 6mm plywood.

Watch this site for the rest! 

My thanks to David for the picktures.


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Druma looking at the sea in Hout Bay

Druma  (drumbeat charters) came to us around ten years back, he has been a regular crew member when sailing ever since.

Always fascinated  by the local sea life, which in the Hout Bay and Chapmans Bay area near Cape Town, South Africa is plentiful.

What's out there?

Well you will always see Seals but often Dolphins, Sunfish and Whales, Sharks are out there too but we have yet to see one!

Jean passes the snacks to Druma.

All pictures by Roy McBride / CKD Boats cc @

Looks like fun!