Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Flemings jeans from Liverpool.

Circa 1963 before and after, these well made jeans were sold close to Tysons Building Contractors of 5 Dryden Street where I worked and just off Scotland Road , Liverpool.

They can now be bought once again!

A Brief History of Flemings

The first and possibly the most credible name in jeanswear to come out of Merseyside. W H Fleming founded his clothier company in the Scotland road area of Liverpool in the year 1881. Eight years after Levi Strauss won the patent for riveted pants in the USA, W H Fleming had imported the idea and began manufacturing similar work- wear for the seamen of this fair port.

Size 34 will cost you just GBP30.00

Postage to RSA is only GBP14 so still less than you will pay for Levi's in the UK today?

They offer a logo with the Liver Bird on the pocket or without it, also the name on the back of the jeans as we normally find.

A letter head and a note as a reference?

Dated 12 /01/1911, does 150 Scotland Road in Liverpool still exist, it was on the city end of the road and a lot of road re planning has taken place down there over the years.

The shop that Flemings opened further out of the city can be seen here, the Astoria  is the building on the left, the area is known as Walton Road. The date was in 1973.

My thanks to   for the use of their picture.

There is a new brand logo now, is it new or a copy of the old one?

My thanks to the Liverpool Picture Book for posting the photos.

This one  was taken on Walton Road in 1973.

In case your wondering, I have no asscociation with Flemings and I have never owned a pair of their jeans, maybe one day?


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Huguenot Monument and two classic cars

This will have been circa 1970 or thereabouts?

The grey car is a 1964 Hillman Imp, the Mini will date from about the same period.

Jean Paarman is inside the Imp, that is George and Colleen standing on the lawn, the Mini belonged to George.

The monument still exists but I doubt that the cars do?