Saturday, 20 September 2014

Who designed the 1967 Hillman Californian Coupe?

This was a question I posted on The ImpClub forum last week, the answer took a few days to appear but then lots of info  came in, plus a super picture of the designer and the man who assisted with the aerodynamic styling.

It turns out that the designer was a very tallented man named Ron Wisdom, seen on the left below, thats Richard Sozanski center and Bob Saward to the right.

Hi Roy

Att is a photo Of Ron Wisdom (L) yours truly and Bob Saward (R) so now you have the stylist of the Coupe, Husky ,  Van and Asp  ( Ron) and the stylist of the saloon Bob .

An amazing photo and reply to my question!

I asked where and when the picture above was taken?

Roy, it was at the NEC cannot remember which show ,( with this year's show I shall be on my 25th NEC show ,)

Ah that was the Going Imp Places stand ,England .Scotland, France and of course Australia.See pics.

My car seen at the Killarney circuit some years ago. The car is now in the process of a full restoration, it seems there are no more than sixty or so left world wide?


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Steel band packing your plywood kit orders

Some may wonder why we have to include a packing charge when the kit you have bought is shipped by road or sea? in this case we used a sheet of pine 9mm ply top and bottom, the five steel bands then can be made very tight to secure the package, which weighs in at 160 kgs.

The kit set is the DS 15 Sport boat and its some fifteen sheets of plyswoods, to keep the pack safe we use 16mm x 0.5mm steel banding and a special American made crimping tool, thats a new roll of 250 meters of steel banding in the case on the floor.

There will be very little change if anything from R4000 for the tools and banding you see in the pictures?

Made in the USA and we were told the best made.

Jims kit was collected today and will travel by road to his home on the East Coast of South Africa, he will have his kit order in a few days time.

Larger and or export orders can also be packed in a steel banded 16mm chip board crate, the extra expense is worth it.


About twenty five hours after the order was collected, this mail came in.

All arrived safely. Many thanks, Jim

The Phantom dinghy ply kit

We have just cut one, a new design to myself.

Seven panels in all, you will need to buy the plans first.

Lots of smaller pieces I note, the CNC machine really saves you time when we cut those out.

Pricing on request,


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dix Design DS 15 sport boat

This is a sort of mini Didi Mini Transat, scaled down to just 15 feet its going to be a real flyer.

Some pictures of the eleven panels we CNC cut to this design.

You could cut this out with a power jig saw but would you want to?

The acuracy of the CNC machine is so good that we are basically offering a one design that really does not need to be measured.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tididi, Andrews yacht is so elegant!

Seen here in a pre roof fastening picture, Andrews Hartley 37 yacht looks so nice and its not even finished yet.

Check the fancy light fittings, they look to work really well.

PS. I have attached the latest picture. That is the first layer of the top in place just to check for proper fit. Still to be glued in place.

CKD Boats cc supplied much of the okoume marine plywood used in the hull skin and decking of this boat.


Toylander on the move

The works Toylander is now in a new home, a nice family with two sons, one about five and the other is two.

The yellow Toylander is now five years old, the top quality okoume marine plywood and epoxies with 2k auto grade top coats really do pay off over time. The Hillman Californian is now forty seven years old, same again, top quality paints pay off.

Toylander as loaded and soon to be on its way.



Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dix Design DS Sport 15 kit panels

We have had the first set of DS15 sport boat panels cut and they will be shipped to Jim the owner builder this week. Jim has already shaped and glassed the rudder and foil blanks we sent him a while back.

A file picture from the Dix Design web site.

Pictures of the various panels will be posted in the morning!

Now about to be built in South Africa,


Fitting out is the nice part of car restoration

When these cars arrive the years of rust and old paint jobs have to be removed entirely before we can even think of a repaint and then refitting.

New Lucas horns? no they are now about 48 years old but cleaned up well in the bead blasting cabinet.

Type Lucas 6H and model TPAR 545 and TPAR 512.

They are a matched pair with a hi and a low tone, making a very strong sound, later Imps came out with just the one horn to save money, thats how mean Chrysler became in the quest for a higher profit.

Mounted in their box, the original rubber grommet and Lucas colour coded wire, its purple with a black tracer, are fitted and the horns are ready for use again.