Friday, 24 November 2017

The C44 by Concept Trailers


C44 ( camper for four)

The C44 Mini Camper is part of a whole concept in trailer design, whereby it can be detached from its chassis so that a load box or flatbed can be attached thus making it a versatile, multi-use chassis. (Subject to local legislation and trailer regulations.)

The C44 Mini Camper itself is unique in the fact that having the footprint the size of a double bed, it has permanent sleeping capacity for up to four adults in two double bunks. As well as this there are separate lockers for a stove and fridge of the owner’s choice with washing up facility. There is also a full length hanging locker and chest of drawers and ample storage for tent and camping gear.

A separate self bailing locker is incorporated in the nose cone for safe gas storage.

The possibility also exists whereby the camper could be attached to a more robust chassis for off road use.

Accommodation – Overnight or Short stay

The C44 Mini Camper is quickly and easily setup for overnight stops or short stays.

Simply lift the top from the rear of the camper and deploy the side and rear flaps to allow access to the fully enclosed and ventilated top double bunk.

The lower double bunk is accessed by dropping the rear tailgate into position and deploying the awning and flaps for another fully enclosed and ventilated sleeping area.

Accommodation – Long stays

For longer stays the C44 Mini Camper is deployed in the same way as for overnight or short stays, but with the side and rear surround tent being erected. This would allow for additional camping beds to be set up if required, as well as retaining the two double bunks.

The tent covers an area of 5.05 x 3.48 metres or 17.5 sq metres.

This allows ample room for a sleeping area on the one side with a galley and living area on the other.


Other options available are separate Composting toilet and shower enclosures

 Please contact me for further information on this exciting new camper trailer that you can assemble yourself.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Micro trailer camper by Concept Trailers in South Africa

The new Concept Trailer design offers a lot more than the normal teardrop camper, as in two full sized double beds for a start.

Click on the sketch to enlarge it.

We now have the trial plan set, various options are possible, a small car can tow this with some ease as the special Deluxe Light plywood we will CNC cut the design from is half the weight of marine plywood.

CKD Boats cc will supply the plywood shell kit, plans are from Concept Trailers and can be sold as part of the kit purchase process.

Built up trailer campers can be supplied.

How easy is that!