Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mirror dinghy whats under the covers?

In this case the covers are the foredeck, side and aft seat panels, seen in these pictures we can see just what fits where.

Peter has done a fine job of assembly of what has been his very first Mirror Dinghy kit build.

The dagger board is a dummy panel by the way.

Note the internal epoxy and glass tape works, all of the boat will be pre coated with thin liquid epoxy before Peter closes the compartments off with what are the cover boards, seats and deck etc.

Here Peter is demonstrating the excellent panel fit of this very first CNC cut Mirror Dinghy kit world wide. This boat will have the top panels fitted next week and after Peter has fitted the optional thwart side support in the seat space.

The boat is for sale, we have space for more kit build orders in time for the Mirror Worlds in January 2015, at the Theewaters Aquatic Club near Cape Town, kits can be  built to a bare hull stage or as a finished sail boat, enquires invited.


Friday, 4 April 2014

Our Mirror Dinghy CNC cut kit progress

Peter, the boat builder who is licenced to build our Mirror Dinghy kits, says he is more than happy with the fit of the CNC shaped plywood panels. They certainally impressed myself when I went and visited this morning.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

Check the panel fit, the lead weights are holding the seats and fore deck in place, there are no fasteners and we will have the decks bonded in early next week.

More pictures of the process and whats to be found underneath the ply panels tommorrow.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dix 43' for sale in South Africa

Yacht brokerage, now available with or without a walk on marina berth by negotiation.

This low use yacht it offered for sale, well constructed and equiped, a great choice for local waters or long distance cruising.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Plenty of space and three cabins with a large aft cabin with a WC connected via its own cabin door.
The two forward single cabins share a loo that is in the front of the boat and similar to the designers layout.

The boat is well equiped with well known brands such as B and G, Garmin, Icom , Leica, Furuno, PUR, Perkins, Yanmar, Lewmar, etc

Contact me for further information.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fishing boats in Hout Bay Harbour today

A nice line up of bright colours, its a pity that some of the local people were blockading the entrances to the harbour and no one could drive in to get to their boats and start work.

Cape Talk 567 radio reported that the problem was a lack of service delivery for twenty years, who has been in power this long I wonder?

We seem to have boats with a permit and can fish , then boats with no quota to fish, sounds the same, I am told its not.

Well done the boat owners and the crews of the boats for keeping them looking so smart!



Monday, 31 March 2014

Will's i550 progress

We supplied the very first CNC cut i550 kit in South Africa, here are some pictures from Will who is the customer and also building the boat.

Hi Roy,

Hope all’s well down there?

Here are some of the more recent build pics –



The boat uses 16 sheets of 6mm okoume marine ply.
Will sorted out which model he wanted and supplied the CNC cut file, which we are now able to reproduce other i550 kits from.
Plans to be purchased before we can supply a kit, the last I looked plans were on a special offer?
Yes, the offer still stands.
$100 PDF Plans and Hull License.

If your email inbox can receive 12+MB, we will send you the same pdf plans and hull license (normally $100USD) via email and you won’t have to wait forever for snail mail or have your order get stuck in customs.

The first (usa)  kit and ready to ship
For all questions, please email us at
To send a payment via paypal, email
We can send you a paypal invoice, that’s the easiest. Or you can use Western Union. As soon as we receive payment, we’ll email you the plans/hull license.

QUOTES on Boats! (Hulls and Finished i550’s). (available in South Africa also)

Email or call on 27 21 (021) 7903859 for further information.

Thanks Will,

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Yaesu FRG7700 FM the PC board

My now quite old Yaesu FRG7700 is going well, so much so that I started to check out bands other than those I normally use.

The mode control knob has an FM position.

This is the FM board, I am told that it came standard with the radio. The user manual tells you to turn to 29MHz and then turn the squelch down to its threshold, that done I hear nothing!

details of the FRG-7700 FM Section as well as Page 25 from the manual.

I hope that you will have found that that FM is a standard feature for this particular receiver? There is no mention within the Yaesu manuals of the FM Module being an 'optional extra'. 

Unfortunately we do not have the replacement bulbs for the S Meter & tuning knob faceplate.
I hope this helps. Good to hear of another classic radio being cherished.

Best wishes, Ian

RossComm Radio Communications

Roy Mcbride FRG7700 FM Board  - Manual information


Hout Bay Marina berth for sale

One of the nicer large boat marina berths on the HBYC marina and in Hout Bay Harbour is available and for sale right now.

Unlike some marinas in the Western Cape we have a very decent amount of entry and turning space to access our berths here.

Hout Bay is one of the most pleasant and scenic places to keep your boat in, the large boat in the center painted silver is on the marina berth for sale.

Contact me for details.


Now sold.