Friday, 15 August 2014

Sadler 26 rudder ready for collection

This will be collected by its new owner over the weekend, probably the last rudder I will offer as a finished product there will be CNC blanks on offer however.

Finished with epoxy and 410 gram biaxial glass cloth, then lots of sanding, the final coating is Intergard white epoxy primer.


Marina walkway planks

We have been doing this for many years, supply of the local treated pine timber and over imported hardwoods just made sense.

The sample shows how we maxed out the thickness of the plank with an end rebate and also had a bevel machined on the long edge of the plank to give a more comfortable feel when walking barefoot.

The logic was based on the lower cost and lighter weight, with the correct treated wood we saved on both.

How easy a choice was that to make?

Deliveries any place in the Western Cape.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A day at the office goes like this, Hillman Imp door glass fitting.

At the moment the total rebuild of the 1971 Hillman Imp Deluxe has reached the re fitting of the door glass, not my favourite job as they had specialists fitting glass when the car was new and its now a learning process,.

Coppaslip as was applied originally.

So just when you understand the process on the first door the second door goes so much faster and then you forget all about it as there may not be another job like this for some years?

The stop bar has to be in the correct position to make sure the vent window opens just far enough.

The frames were blasted and cleaned then sprayed with DTM black gloss paint.

Fitted and working well, even the original rubbers are in good shape.

One Hillman Imp vent light refitted, its a days work to do one and the wind down window in the same door.

How easy can this be?  try it and see!


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hillman Imp front disc brake kits

These have now been fitted on both 12" standard size rims and also the larger 13"
size, tests have been done with a commercial brake supplier.

Imp disc brakes as fitted to the 12" standard steel rim size 

The main Test conclusions are:

- the Discs do not have the initial "snatch" of the twin leading shoe Drums. (Mintex described this as a "self servo" effect)
- the Discs can pass the Industry Standard 15 High Speed Stops with ease.

- The Drums overheat and fade on the first stop. And the subsequent 14 !

How easy can this be?

The choice is clear I think.

Summer arrives with the South Easter winds

Well sort of, we can expect some more rain but with the South Easter winds blowing up clouds we can be sure the seasonal summer winds will kick in soon enough now.

Hout Bay Harbour.

Chapmans Peak Drive in Hout Bay as viewed from the HBYC marina.

Tee shirt weather once again!