Saturday, 10 November 2012

The first Cape Henry 21 model in the USA moves forwards

This scale model has yet to be released as a kit set, it may never do so unless we get enough requests to supply them.

This is in Freds Seattle workshop, he used his cel phone to take the pictures, hence the yellow light.
Fred asked permission of Dudley Dix the boats designer to make a scale model.

I am not sure if Fred will finish the model, then build his full size kit, or build them side by side as a project?


Friday, 9 November 2012

The first i550 class sail boat in South Africa

Plans have been sold into South Africa and we have discussed the possiblity of CKD Boats cc cutting them as kits? We are pleased to tell you that this will be happening soon.

The class is very international, you can find them in many countries, check the North American web site out for a good idea on what they are all about.

Pictures, my thanks to the North American i550 class asscociation for the use of their pictures. We hope to have our own association up and running soon.


A new Hard Dodger design to our cut files

This was a job in process over some weeks, the order was to supply an Erickson 35ft Mk2 with a hard dodger similar to the one made as the test unit on a Dix 43 in wood/epoxy, the fitting was easy if it took a little time to work the process out!

From this work we produced a decent step by step builders manual which explains the various steps and processes for you to build your own hard dodger, a boat builder or joiner could do this for you of course.

Full sized its like an extra room on this size boat, scaled down would it still do the same?

Miles in the USA sent me some pictures of his boat and the related sizes for me to re size to fit the boat he has. It works out that when we re size down by 28% its a good match to fit the 35ft boat he has, we then decided on a height in the center, allowed for that and plus a little extra so that when Miles scribes the new 
dodger to fit his own boat he has material spare to work with.

The center hatch frame and its mount ring will be included in the kit, so are the tempered glass panels,epoxy, glass tapes,Dow Corning 813 silicone sealant for the windows etc.

Note, we will do the view windows in clear glass for this boat and the air vent hatch in a tinted smoke to reduce overhead glare.

We will be cutting this next week!


600,000 blog views and counting

This blog and its readership facinates me, where do all its viewers come from and why?

Well its easy to see where you all are by clicking the viewers button but why is another matter altogether, this comment on the matter came in last night.

Hi Roy,

I think the more people that have read it already somehow make it grow faster so the affect is like an acceleration so don't be surprised if you see one million by the middle of next year or even sooner. The blog is still very interesting to people who are interested in boats, cars or just have a zest for life and doing things rather than sitting at home watching TV and moaning that nothing ever happens, keep in mind that old adage,

'There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen then there are those who wonder what happened!'

I suppose throughout life you first learn your trade, business or skills then you start to make things happen. The next stage is as you get older you probably spend more time watching what's happening and in the end you're left wondering what happened. Now that is the correct way to go but some never achieve the first stage and remain for most of their lives in the last stage wondering where all the time went? 

Cheers, mate. 



Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Cape Henry 21 as a model kit set.

This has been brewing for some while, we may use the Cape Cutter 19 to down size slightly and make the kit easy to ship in a 610mm x 1220mm flat carton?

This is Freds work, we sent him the full sized Cape Henry 21 kit, while he was waiting he developed the scale model, it will be perfect for a radio control unit. It is just under 800mm long?

Kits of kits, at last, what a nice Christmas present!


Fred emailed re his full size Cape Henry 21 kit he received from us.

Hello Roy: 

 I will be setting up bulkheads with uprights/ strongback, and will mark each with Dudley's provided 'waterline' takeoff point, then 'prove them out' once hull planked, with a hose-and-water level.

Nigel did precision work here.  Please extend my Gratitude.  I'm intrigued with the scarf slopes pre-cut as well.  Slick!  Well, movie clip of dropping centreplate down onto padding will be posted on blog.  Un-packed and re-stacked -

Very pleased with the quality in this kit you've created for me. Thanks again,  'appreciated,   Fred

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bead blaster box stuff

This is one of the best bits of kit I ever invested in, yes they are quite expensive and you do need a large compressor too.

Thats the blasting box behind the  table with Cape Henry 21 stainless parts on it, well wrapped in bubble plastic for the voyage, they are now with Fred in Seattle,USA and with his Cape Henry 21 sailboat kit. Next to the blasting box on  the right is the vacume suction box, it removes the dirt and dust from the blast box.

The larger fairlead is 200mm long.

This is what they look like before cleaning, you will have to come back and have a look later to see how they cleaned up!

Thats a very butch screw, its 65mm long, about 2 3/4" in Imperial measurement.

To be continued.

Clean once more, the ting glass beads remove all dirt and leave the metal as clean as it ever was.

These were in polished anodised, the shine had gone where the mooring line runs, with the blasting clean
we get a uniform surface and the anodising is still there.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

British Seagull enquiries?

We have had two in the last week, one was a 1974 2.5hp motor and was bought in for stock (thanks Wentzel & Johan)

The other was Jannie with a 1968 4.5 hp long shaft motor, he needs parts and now knows where to find them.

Parts and advice are still possible from here though.

Any enquiry will require the motors engine number, which is to be found under the power head.


Cape Cutter 19, Quest launches

The pictures were sent to me by the boats designer, Dudley Dix, I have to find out who built the boat and where it is?

I suspect this is in the USA?

The Cape Cutter 19
We can no longer CNC cut this design due to a licence agreement on the GRP made boats, we can supply the Cape Henry 21, thats 10% longer and 30% larger!

News just in February 1st 2013

Dear Roy,

I casually found your blog today.

The picture shows my "Quest", it's a Cape Cutter 19, which was built in South Africa!

Here Quest was launched in South Africa, I think in 2002. The hull number is 28.

I bought this fine boat 2 years ago in Croatia.

Now Quest is at home in Western Germany and is trailer-sailed in North- and Baltic Sea, hopefully soon in Mediterranean Sea.

 More about this boat you will find at and .

"Quest" itself was tested by "Classic Boat" in Sep. 2003, see review.

Hi Bernard & Roy,

Bernard, thanks for updating us on the adventures of "Quest".

I took that photo of "Quest" with the boom being fitted just after her launch in South Africa. I was on the balcony of Gordon's Bay Yacht Club and she was on the GBYC marina.


Dudley Dix
Dudley Dix Yacht Design

Monday, 5 November 2012

A new Cape Henry 21 splashes named Stellina

This was a week last wedensday and at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, Dino bought the plans and  a flat pack of CNC cut plys from us November 2011, then took them to Peter Randle for construction.

One thing with a yacht this size is that moving it is quite easy with a suitable crane truck. Thats Cape Towns Table Mountain in the background. All pictures supplied by Dino.

Note the Bilge Keels, Stellina is the very First Cape Henry 21 to be launched with bilge keels, one of our Didi Mini Transats with a cant keel, Warlock, was the first such boat and launched here too.

Peter Randle in the white shirt and hat watches on as his new build nears the water of the small craft basin at the RCYC.

By now the RCYC club crane has taken over, note the longer angle to the lifting gear, that crane can lift 20 tons so this lift is an easy job. This boat has a twin cylinder Yanmar in her, normally the boat will use a small outboard that fits in a well inside the cockpit.

I think Dino is standing next to Peter an in the white shirt, thats Peter also with a white shirt and hat (very nice)

A quick check inside to see there are no leaks?

The mast is up already! we can expect Stellina any day now in Hout Bay waters?


Sunday, 4 November 2012

How to repair a fender with a hole in it?

This will of course depend just where and how large the hole is ?

I was talking to a friend who had just bought new fenders, one size down from this one which is 900mm long and 270mm in diameter, they are costly but so is the boat they protect.

I mentioned he can fix his old ones with Mr Pratleys Wonderfix, this was news to him and he had never heard of the product.

This fender is now twelve years old, its done good service but a recent storm saw it come away with a smallish triangular tear in it. I cleaned the hole out with acetone and applied the Wonderfix, job done!

Wonderfix is both water soluable when wet and flexible when dry, you can fix your running shoes with it too!

More good news.

So is the fact that this fender has just gone through yet an other 60 knot gale, or was it 80 knots?


The greatest risk in life?

Its about time I read this one, its all about life and what it means, well what it could mean if you take the chance when its given?

Page 22 of a freebie news letter named The Bay,October 2012 issue, has an introduction on three Capetonians, one is a guy and he was asked a simple question.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

His reply was:  The greatest risk in life is to take no risk at all.

How true is that!

Time to build that kit boat your still thinking about?


Bob Kelseys race Imp, a new picture!

I thought all the pictures of the 1966 South African Saloon Car championship winning race Imp had been seen, then up pops another one!

Photo supplied by Phil Webb, many thanks.

This is Phill Webb doing a hill climb and taking 1st in class in his Hillman Imp.

Hi Roy

The attached image for your interest,

The ex Bob Kelsey Imp I purchased and raced in the early seventies, this shot at the Krugersdorp hill climb!

Phil Webb

Are there any more pictures out there, where is this car now, are any parts still in existance?


More information has just come in from Phil.

Hi Roy
I in fact bought the Imp from Coenraad Spamer (spelling)?
Coenraad  did indeed race the Imp country wide having purchased the car from Stanley Motors.

Coenraad assisted me by giving terms to pay of the vehicle price we agreed upon (I was a pennyless immigrant plumber)

I did not participate in many events with this car, partly because of reliability issues and budget constraints,  production car racing being the premier events at the time.

Mostly I competed in club events and the Krugersdorp hillclimb at which I gained 1st in class,

I did fit a Jack Knight 5 speed box to get some gearing correct.
I remember the much worked on cylinder head collapsed at the `wills rings` machining around the combustion chamber,

The Imp sadly was retired, to be used as a road car in various guises using an assortment of engines and gearboxes, mainly Renault, and one ridiculous installation of Chevvy Corvair flat 6 motor and box.

My enthusiasm for Imps remains

PS I shall follow Terence Tracey`s `Impscapades` to London with  much interest!

Phil Webb