Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Hout Bay Yacht Club marina approach

With the annual yacht cruising season fast approaching South Africa, it will be a good idea to post how to enter the Hout Bay Harbour and the HBYC marina.

Looking towards Chapmans Peak from the main quay of the inner harbour of Hout Bay.

The marina is laid out in a letter H , this gives a boat the chance to face the main wind we get which is from the South East and from the Chapmans Peak side of the bay.

The club is a short walk from the marina and along the quay side that the fishing boats use.

The office is run by Anne and Alan, who is both the club manager and also the marina manager.

Main office phone number 021 790-3110  Anne

Marina phone number 021 790-7095         Alan

These phones are both in the same office.

Alan Batley has a cel number also 082-337-2208

Picture by R McBride using a Canon G1X digital camera set to auto.

The marina and looking South West, the mountain to the left is Chapmans Peak, to the right is The Sentinal.

My thanks for fellow HBYC member and past commodore, Justin for setting up the clubs blog pages and for the availablity of the picture and diagrams.


Friday, 2 October 2015

For sale, a Dix 43 with a Hout Bay YC Marina, South Africa

This was taken a few years back as the canvas spray dodger has since been replaced with one of our hard dodger kits, also now changed is the mainsail cover, a new one was fitted using Sunbrella cloth and tailor made to fit the boat.

The boat has seen continual upgrades and is in a nice condition, its a true blue water cruising yacht and is now for sale.

The boats marina berth will also be sold, this could be part of the sales package with the yacht.

The boat has Lewmar self tailing winches all round.

Chapmans Bay and looking back towards Hout Bay where the HBYC marina is.

This boat is set up to be sailed by a crew of just two, with  many of the control lines are accessed by the helmsman.

The boat has a C.O.F group C classification with South African Sailing ( sas) the classification can be upgraded to an offshore level by adding a number of extras etc.

Contact me for the 'Word' folder on the boat.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Superform bending plywoods

The last order has now been sent to our retailers, so stocks are good in the Cape Town area.

We also have a stockist in Durban, please contact me for the contact details.

Superform, it is waterproof and simply the best.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fred's Cape Henry 21 progress

Fred is from Seattle, we sent him a Cape Henry 21 kit a while back.

When he can he sends some progress pictures.

We also supplied Fred with the steel drop keel and a 316 grade stainless steel deck fittings package.

With the favourable exchange rate for those buying from South Africa, our prices are the best they have ever been.


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Stainless steel fittings for the Cape Cutter 19

We are again able to offer the 316 stainless steel package to the Cape Cutter 19, also the Cape Henry 21.

Prices are now in and with the low value of our Rand currency we believe they offer a better value than ever before.

Parts are CNC cut to the exact dimensions on the plans.

Mast Hounds and tangs.

The round drum is part of the keel lifting gear.

We can also offer the drop keel to both boats.

Profiled and milled to shape by a CNC machine it beats trying to make it yourself.

Please contact me for pricing.

We can ship World wide.