Friday, 24 June 2011

The Road in Ausi and what they say about Vespermarines Watchmate AIS

AIS WatchMate 850 - Display with built in AIS Transponder
Availability: In stock ( New Zealand)
$1,099.00 USD

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From: Shirley Bowen []

Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 2:13 AM

To: Roy McBride

Subject: The ROAD calling 22nd June 11

Hi to you both,

Hot off the press, we (one hour ago) dropped anchor in Fannie Bay Darwin, in what I fervently hope and trust will be our last anchorage in Australia. But more of that in my next news letter.

Shirley has asked me to tell you that now that the Church has sanctioned same sex (I refuse to use the "gay" word) marraiges, she is eagerly awaiting a simular dispensation for mixed marraiges between humans and machines, as she has fallen in love with the Vesper Marine AIS.

During our trip north, especially in the restricted waterways of the barrier Reef, it proved to be a godsend.

Well that's about that for now, having sailed for 10 days straight, and last night with no sleep, it is obviously time for a few beers.
Love to you both, will write in more detail soon.
Taffy, Shirley. and of course Rubbish

June 21st 2011,Winter Solstice in the Cape

For us Winter Solstice was yesterday.

We needed a new 5mtr long top zip fitting on a boats main sail cover,Anna supplied the zip and sewed in new side panels some months back but when to fit it was the issue,its always (it seems) blowing down here.

I checked yesterdays weather report,seemed to be a perfect day and so it was,no wind to speak of,the main
needed to go up and down a number of times,checking reef lines and lazy lack lengths etc,we even had time to have a cuppa at lunch time with Athol of the yacht Perrazim.The main stayed up all the time,not a great day for sailing but really good for what was to be done.

Note the clouds in the sky,for sure a sign of a change in the weather to follow,it was just blue skies early on,left click the picture for a better view.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Henry gets a head again

This time its the head of our good friend and fellow HBYC member Justin Phillips,ex Commodore and committee member.

Justin called on us to check on the competion Hillman Imp/Singer Chamois Sport build and the fitting of a front disc brake kit set.

Henry gets a head again,this time its Justins!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Hillman Imp front disc brake kit set

This arrived today from the main suppliers in England,we have permission to copy,not many will want them I assume,we now have the basics and can see what we need to supply for the two other Imps we know want them.

Left click each picture for a larger view.

The kit includes new discs,220mm diameter,refurbished calipers,new metal covered hoses,new Bosch brake pads,CNC cut link plates,spacer washers and nuts and bolts to suit the Imp front axle.

Trial fitment starts in the morning,give me a call or send and email if you want a similar set?
As far as I am aware these will be the first such Imp discs fitted in the cape,South Africa too


Cape Town

021 790-3859

Monday, 20 June 2011

Fathers Day for Roy

Some great news,

We left a window part open in case Henry got hungry or needed some inside comforts,early this morning there he was back home where he belongs.So Henry knows his way home it seems!

Where is Henry?

Henry has left us,he was at my feet in the morning while I did my plummers act trying to fix the main bathroom loo cistern,he likes to do what ever we are doing.After lunch I went to the boat to continue my electrical endevours down there,later on Jean came down with Druma,when she came home she went to clean the pool,she was moving the long handled brush thing ,Henry had walked around with her and Druma,she thinks he got spooked by the broom and took off.

Left click the image to see Henry in a larger size.
Two days back he flew to the roof next door,there were others his size there too and it was quite hard to know who was Henry,he came down when we shook his seed box though.As he is brilliant at mimicking what others do and if he is accepted by the other birds he should look for food as they do,he will have been cold last night though,it was down to 10c and his first night out of what we now call Henrys room.

So much for my Fathers Day!