Monday, 20 February 2023

Aries Vane Gear bush kit

 They can now be supplied as a made to order kit using special Vesconite Hi Lube material, the Vesconite will far outlast any other product on the market?

Please contact me on pricing, I can ship Worldwide using Fedex.

Thursday, 2 February 2023

Hillman Imp new parts

 I have been producing a range of new parts for the Hillman Imp for some years now.

Please supply your email address if you would like a copy of the last PDF that I produced on parts available.

There are also recycled original parts such as this transaxle clutch fork, a later version.

Delivery by Fedex is working well as they are very quick to deliver and cost effective too.

An indication is from last week, an Imp saloon rear side window glazing rubber, Cape Town, South Africa to Budapest, Hungary in just five days! 

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Aries Vane Gear servicing

 For many years I have been servicing Aries Vane Gears.

This one has been serviced and has new Vesconite Hi Lube bearings fitted, Vesconite is ultra had wearing and not likely to wear out.

The owner of this one wishes to sell it, please contact me for the contact details or pricing on a Vesconiite bearing kit.

Friday, 20 January 2023

St Ayles Skiff in kit sets

 The St Ayles Skiff we cut and supplied to the Hout Bay Yacht Club is in regular use, a second craft is now being considered?

Shiping locally or World wide is possible.

Aries Vane Gears

 There are around 8000 of the mark three Aries Vane Gears out there, they share the same gear sets as the later lift up Aries too.

There is a shortage and need to find a supplier who can make the gears to an Imperial ( inches) size?

I now have samples made and if there is enough interest in them I can consider making sets in either bronze or stainless steel, they could also be fabricated in sections in alloy?

Wednesday, 28 December 2022

Aries Vane Gear cleaning service

 Over the years, well decades the Aries Vane Gear becomes stained with salt and grime from its many miles steering your yacht.

When an Aries Vane Gear comes in to me for new bearings I can offer a cleaning  service of the various metal parts.

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Aries vane gear model three down tube bearings

 Made in the UK originally

in PTFE which is a really slippy plastic, I now make them here in South Africa with a Durban made product named Vesconite High Lube.

The Vesconite will outlast the PTFE and be very Slippy in service also.

Check the web site at 

Argie 15 sailing built by Jaap.


The Aries mark three vane gear

 What does the Aries mark three vane gear look like?

This picture shows the Mk3 version, there may be others with some slightly changed fittings, the hinge assembly on the water paddle being one, the air vane clamp may be another.

Genuine Aries vane gears ( there are copies) should have the words Aries Cowes I . O .W in the main frame assembly.

This Aries was cleaned and restored by myself, it was then packed into a shipping container and sent by courier to its new owner.

Aries Vane Gear stainless steel cross shaft bearings

 The early Aries Vane Gears were made to Imperial sizes, so the measurements were in inches.

The stainless steel cross shaft that supports the swing arm measures 1" ( one inch ) I have made a set of standard Vesconite  bushes to suit that, this will require the bronze or stainless steel gear machining out also.

Aries Vane Gear re made spare parts

Having the Aries Mk3 in for a service has allowed me to copy ( it is in inches ) exactly the required dimentions that need to be machined to.

An old bearing to the stainless steel down leg is on the left, a new pair of bearings are on the machine.

The Vesconite High Lube material in the lathe will next be cut to make a second set of bearings for another Aries Vane Gear.

Aries Vane Gear bushes in Vesconite High Lube plastic

 Aries Vane Gears will work better and for longer if the bushes ( bearings ) are made from Vesconite High Lube material.

The Aries Vane Gear mark three version I have in for service right now has had a set of bushes made, they are ready to fit soon.

I can accept orders from Worldwide, delivery is by Fedex and payment can be by Pay-Pal or a bank draft?

Aries Vane Gear spare parts


 It is thought that over 20,000 Aries Vane Gears of various types were produced?

Who has them and where are they, there were many models and types over the years!

Some we see here in Hout Bay near Cape Town and from time to time I am asked to service them for their owners.

In the past would ask a local engineer to machine bearings from Acetal, that person is no longer available to me, so  to be able to continue to service Aries gears I have bought a Maximat V10-P lathe.

With this lathe I can now machine in house and deliver faster.

A test part for another use was on a sample of Acetal.

I can also machine none Aries parts as well?

An Argie 15 kit build in New Zealand

We shipped an Argie 15 kit down to Ian in Picton, New Zealand.

Ian made a really fine job of  his build and uses the result for both power and sailing ventures.

Bill Petigrew took the image.


Saturday, 15 October 2022

 The St Ayles Skiff in Hout Bay has created a new class for the HBYC, they now have a rowing section.

The new group has grown to the extent that another St Ayles Skiff is wanted, then they can race against each other !

The skiff is kept on the clubs marina and in sligs, so launching is really easy.

Its a fun thing, the rowing has introduced so many new members to the HBYC.

All part of the fun on the waters in Hout Bay!