Saturday, 26 February 2011

Flicka 20 ,a special offer,once only!

In my travels around the boat world I have been fortunate to enjoy talking about the Flicka 20,the ones in SA are similar to the originals but small changes are said to exist? Hull and deck wise they look fine to me though.

One only recycled Flicka 20 hull,the decks are new.
Left click the pictures to view full size.

This will be a brokerage deal,a finders fee if you like,the hull has its 800 kgs of ballast fitted too.the deck is loose,so that makes it very easy to fit out. The cradle is not included but this can be negotiated,you can tow these boats on a decent trailer given a suitable towing 4x4.

What a nice handy cockpit,space for two and more!

The Flicka 20 look a like has a transom hung rudder,we specialise in rudder manufacture and can offer that with the laminated tiller and all 316 stainless fittings as a bolt together kit.

Going going and soon to be gone I think,this offer will not be repeated,new GRP mouldings will be on offer at some later date,contact me for details and pricing,we can ship world wide.

Roy phone and fax 021 790 3859 Hout Bay, South Africa

Flicka 20 thinking follows:

As written by a Flicka 20  fan,other than myself.

The Flicka design is small in size but is by no means a minimalist or a toy boat and to the contrary was
designed as a go anywhere blue water cruiser, and
she has proved herself many times on different oceans. As you would know
there are no short cuts when you go to sea and this is reflected in the
strength and durability that is built into these boats and that you will
not find in your average day sailor or 20fter. Interior space and loading
capability for stores is that of a boat 5 to 7 ft bigger, the fittings are
mostly scaled for a boat much bigger. And when fitted out for cruising she
carries all the stores and safety equipment that a 40fter will carry, for
the same size crew. There are few boats of here size that is capable of
being used in a similar maner and that will keep her crew safe no matter
what the sea dishes up.

Unfortunately the dream stops there as these aspects are reflected in the
price for a good Flicka, the PSC (pacific sea craft)  boats use to sell for U$50K to U$70K.
(Realistically one would be able to build and equip a good Flicka for less
than R250K (U$35K)) Yes for the same price you would be able to buy a much
bigger boat but the cost of maintenance would have been 4 times that of the
Flicka not to speak of the Marina fees. This brings us to the issue of
running cost.

So you can see the main saving with a Flicka is not in the purchase of the
boat but in the cost of owning it compared to bigger boats with the same
capabilities. But in the same time it is a boat that can be utilized more
often because of her compact size and ease of handling

These boats should not be marketed as a 20 footer weekend boat, but as a
tuff bluewater cruiser that is capable of crossing any ocean, but can still
be trailered to remote area's or kept at home on a trailer when not used or
when a refit is required. The difference is a boat that gets sailed
regularly with low maintence cost and marina fees compared to the maintence
and running cost on a bigger boat which will include additional crew,
haulage fees, marina fees, fuel costs ext.

If a person wants a
day sailor or a weekend boat then buy one, they can be bought in SA for $3K
to $4K but then remember it is just a day sailor; not a Flicka.


Friday, 25 February 2011

Supalite alloy wheels wanted

Our Hillman Imp (singer chamois sport) rebuild to make a fast road/sprint car is reaching the stage where we need some alloy road wheels,Minilites or Supalite,or similar so the front disc brake conversion can be sorted out.

We need a set of 13" with a width around 6" but other widths considered,the center hole PCD needs to be 4"
 does anyone have a set out there and if so where are they and how much?


phone of fax 021 790 3859

Making a new Hillman Imp race exhaust mainifold

South Africa has always had a vast amount of motor sport tallent,not only in driving,thats an F1 world championship I might add (Jody Sheckter,Ferrari) but the engineering people who make the cars and engines to make the sport possible.

The Hillman Imp full race exhaust jig,which means all exhausts are the same principal dimemensions.They can be supplied without the inlet manifold as well,we have now exported them to five countries.

With the sellection of various bends required to make the fabrication,they are complicated and
not an easy job to make,each tube is hand shaped using heat and sand inside the pipe to stop
the tube collapsing,pipes are end tapered to get them into the CNC flange plate too.

This is the easy part,the inlet flanges are the hard part,as the trumpets are not only very
short but are bent and tapered as well.

The finished job (exported) and made in 2006.

Richard Tomkins,an Imp Club member on a second visit to Cape Town with one of our manifolds in 2009,also exported,thats the manifold,not Richard.

Made to order,they do take some while to make,so if your in the market for one,ask sooner rather than later.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Flicka 20sa now available In SA.

The remarkable Flicka 20 has been around a long time,here in South Africa we have a close look a like,so lets call it the Flicka 20sa,its available as a hull only or with the deck,plus the internal mouldings for ease of fitting it out yourself,sail away boats by a boat yard also possible.

The hull made in the SA mould is really nice.

So is the deck mould,its nearly new and has been well made from the looks of it.

Todays best Catamaran boat kit package, the Proteus 106

The Proteus 106 catamaran design by Angelo Lavranos,size wise has to be the best kit on the market,its right sized for fast crossing of oceans,or local waters and relaxing sailing with a family.

The picture shows the boat with an optional extension to allow the rudders to be hidden,the standard design has rudders transom hung for ease of fitting and also servicing.

Sundowners on a Proteus 106 in Thailand (sister ship) at a price of R179,000,thats around U$25,210,your supplied with a full pack,which includes the 130 sheets of plys and MDF (removable stations) meranti wood stringers,epoxies and glass tapes and cloth,all you need is tools and your labour ,we have a proffesional yard who can quote on the labour if required.Plans are NZ$3600 extra and direct from Angelo Lavranos in New Zealand. Kit orders take around a month to prepare,we ship world wide too.

Here is what Rick Daniel, the Thai boat owner says:

Photo's of my sail boat in Koh Chang, Koh Mac, Koh Kood Islands, Thailand
I still have poor fitting second hand sails and need more work, but having
fun with the boat.

I Recently sailed to windward in 35 plus knots gusts of head wind and full
steady wind of 25 knots with 2nd reef and 2 meter waves. Had some waves
over the cabin top and really tested the boat build.

I was very happy with the boat and it pointed very well to weather. It was
not a enjoyable beat to weather, it was only about 4 hours. But the boat got
a good test.

Kind Regards,


Lavranos Marine Design Ltd
33 Jellicoe Rd Murray's Bay
Auckland 0630 New Zealand
Ph + 64 9 4781942
Fx + 64 9 4781943
Mob 021 0718052


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fraser Imps again

This is a scene from the Goodwood Festival of Speed with two Fraser Imp look a likes it could be mid 1960s but it may have been just last year,we are building a car similar in looks and race specification ourselves now.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Brazil Cruising guide

We met the crew of Rapunzel some sixteen years back,moored in Hout Bays HBYC marina and  next to our Endurance 37,Ocean Cloud. They were on the last part of a cruise around the world,this is not a usual event for those from Brasil,well it was not back then.

Also available in Portuguese.

Writen in English by a Brasilian who speaks and writes it perfectly,having cruised the coast of Brasil on their own yacht Rapunzel,you get a cruising guide volume that works.

In 1995 Marcal Ceccon was busy doing a Brazil Cruising Guide and I bought one of the first copies,its a fine publication and has been updated since about every two years,contact me to find out how to get  a copy.

Note,upgrades are available on line to update your guide.

Update 09/2009


- Marina Porto Bracuhy:

Text, Pág. 115 – Changes on services available at Marina Bracuhy

The shipyard and related service facilities and equipment formerly available at the marina location are no longer in operation. Other marina docking and shore facilities remain unchanged

Update 10/09


- Clube Naval Charitas:

Text, pág. 97 - Change in crane capacity.

The club lift crane capacity has been increased to 20 ton.


Fax and phone 021 790 3859
Hout Bay

Monday, 21 February 2011

The False Bay Yacht Club

I was there for a look around and a pint yesterday,what a nice club for sure,it must be,Billy,the clubs manager told me that all the marinas are fully booked or sold,so much so that its quite hard to accept visitors or cruising folk,not by the clubs choice,its just the way it is.

The False Bay Yacht Club main premises from the marina side.

Click on any picture to see a larger size.

FBYC club member,'Blue' showed Taffy,Shirley and myself around the club and the marina,thanks Blue.

This really is a sailing club that works for its members,the place is relaxed and the view first class from bar deck.

All pictures by R Mc Bride and taken with a Canon G11 digital camera.

My interest in the FBYC goes back over thirty years now,as a member I was proud to be awarded the clubs very first Skippers Ticket in August 1982.


Diesel Duck 38,its one of ours!

Miss Pickles on the FBYC marina in Simonstown,False Bay,South Africa.

Hand built by myself for Dave a Zambian customer,this boat just grew and grew Its only 38feet long but is quite huge whe you see it out of the water.

Kit sets are available.


A big black boat

The lines of this classic show us just why the original America was so fast,she set the standard and speed records of her day.

Note,the boat was built locally,Simonstown? and said to be in bamboe,the decks look to have been coated with epoxy and a none slip additive.The sun will possible degrade this method given the UV problems we have in the Cape,plus a black hull heats up an epoxy build and should not be (in my opinion) be used.


Seen at the False Bay Yacht Club,a copy I am told of the race winner of what became the Americas Cup,yacht America,this boat has another name though.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A visit to Chart World cc in Cape Town

One way or the other I have been a customer of Chart World cc since its inception,first as Mercer Bach & Hickson,then Chandling International,then when Chris ran the new shop with assitance from Adrian Hartman,who then took over with the help of his wife.

Click on the pic,to get directions to
25a Foregate Square,Harbour Road,Foreshore,Table Bay ,phone 021 419-8814
For the best in service and the supply of charts and navigation books.

Taffy and Shirley ,yacht The Road are out here from Sydney,Australia and are stocking up on charts,flags and cruising guides needed for their return home to HBYC,Adrians wife gave them lots of help and what was not in stock will be ready for collection early next week.

Chart World cc is really organised,check the ice cream in Taffys hand,they sell those too!

Using a Pacific Ocean routing chart,Shirley points to where they stopped at Palmerston Athol for a few days.