Friday, 7 February 2020

Argie ten, now building

This is from one of our kits.

We sent the kit to the customer only recently, today he is asking about what paints to use.

He tells me that as he will be beaching the boat on a stoney shore he has added the keel strip.


Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Toylander service time

Our Toylander is now about ten years old, so its come home from the grand children for a service and a check up.

A Soft Drive switch throttle will be installed

New sprockets and chain will be fitted, with much needed reversing switch also.

Plans can be supplied from Real Life Toys in Wales, UK at a cost of 49.50 pounds?

We can advise where to source the 12 volt DC motor.

Lights front and rear will be fitted as well, red are for rear side lights, above that will be amber for direction indicators and in the front a pair of clear lens light fittings. They will all be fitted with LED bulbs to save on power from the battery.

plywood kits are available from CKD Boats cc.

Contact me for pricing.


Vuvuzela Double Scull design by Hartwanger Rowing

The  Vuvuzela double scull follows on from the Bombaloza single scull.

Heading out to sea.

Plans are really detailed and are 44 pages long, we can supply a set as a PDF which you can print yourself.

Plywoods in the kit are seven sheets and five x 4mm marine , one x 18mm marine and one 18mm shutter ply for the building stocks.

Please contact me for the plans which cost R850 the set, and a kit price which is R11,500  ex works


Monday, 3 February 2020

Toylander Soft Start Switch control

We will have the ten year old Toylander in for service this week, that on off power supply switch will be backed up with a Soft Start control box.

The gear ratio seems good and the top speed is within the rules on such toys, the method of how the gears are installed my be changed?

12 volt single motor and reduction gear box with the drive sprocket.

The Toylander company car has lots to keep it company.

The Toylander with a 1967 Hillman Imp Californian.

Contact me for Toylander ply kits and Hillman Imp remanufactured parts.