Monday, 21 December 2015

Packing an export Optimist kit

This is a three kit set Optimist package, it also includes the meranti wood, Harken deck package, North Sails, epoxies, filler powders and glass tapes.

The three Optimist kits are going to a sailing school in the USA.

Nigel is making sure the builders jig is inside the crate correctly.

This is okoume marine plywood in 12mm thick, the parts cut are the dagger boards and sides to the dagger board case.

The three bundles of meranti, which are planed to size went in next,then the North Sails, the carton contains the Harken deck gear package and the building plans we supply with each kit we sell.

Loading from the one truck to the other was made easier with the guys that work at the CNC shop plus the driver of the van.

 With this three order Optimist kit set now packed into the van we have finished our order book for the 2015 year.

We received an order for two more Optimist kits just yesterday, also for export, so they will start our new years work in January 2016!

All the best for the end of this year and the best of luck for next year.


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Basil likes our Optimist kit

In a few days back and from Switzerland.

Hi Roy

Working on the optimist is fun.

I glued the boat including center bulkhead and mast thwart.

Now I will start with the inside gunnels to glue and epoxy the screw holes.

Have a nice day,


My thanks for the pictures and feed back on the kit from Basil