Friday, 30 July 2010

Chains for sale

The longer length on the left,it reaches the far wall,will cost you just R1050!

Roys chain bin is having a bit of a clear out,its all used galvanised 3/8" (9mm) some is short link,being the longest length,which looks to be around 21 meters long,cash price and no Vat is R50 a  meter.

Competition air box for a Hillman Imp

Our Hillman Imp manifold,as fitted on a Sport 180 series cylinder head.
This neat air box was designed by Alex,one of our full race Hillman Imp manifold customers,he says we may have a copy of the drawing he made.Fitted here,its made to miss the side rails on a Ginetta G15 but I think it may suit the standard Hillman Imp,Sunbeam Sport,Stilletto or Singer Chamois Sport as well,we can make the air boxes to order I should think.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cape Towns places to sail into

Club Mykonos

Gordons Bay

Royal Cape Yacht Club(cape town)

Hout Bay Yacht Club(hout bay)

False Bay Yacht Club (simonstown)

Thank you to Google Earth for their wonderfull pictures!

Ok,its not really just Cape Town but all of these marinas are within a days sail and the furthest is 62 miles from the city,there are other places to but these are the main ones.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Adrians Argie 15 build progress pictures

Alonso  is sailing,Adrian is just starting his build,how long it takes to complete is really not the issue,I say that from the time you start the project your voyage has begun anyway.Dudley supplys good plans and build instructions with each plans set sold,we supply you the materials and info on how to use them when required when we can,it looks to me as if Adrian as found a neat way to tighten his copper wires on the chines,he is using a wooden Carpenters Mallet and a blunt Bricklayer chisel to neaten them up and pull the joints nice and tight.

A first message from Adrian is bellow:

Hi Guys

Here are my photos of progress to date. I am really enjoying this project so far (although I suspect I am just getting to the more difficult bits...!).



Monday, 26 July 2010

Alonsos Argie 15 kit in Kenya

We shipped a full boat kit out to Kenya for Alonso,progress looks very good to myself,thats a good looking sail boat I think.


The kit before unpacking and starting the build

A message just in from Alonso.

Dear Friends

It is with great joy that I share the following photos with you.

Starting the project 20 months ago, our wooden boat is now finished !!!

I learned valuable woodwork lessons, but more important I leaned many life- enriching lessons, it sure was not an easy project to tackle in Kenya.

I put the boat on top of our luggage trailer and tied it down. If you do wonder if we were stopped, yes, just once, but we had no problems. the boat is left at Lake Naivasha some 80 km from us.

It sails wonderfully in light winds and handled well in a stronger breeze, will have to learn as we sail more.

Now what, well Adri has a list of things to fix around the house and well maybe I will make some oars next year to get some exercise in on the sailing weekends.

If you are interested in more details about the boat, have a look at or



Email connection problems

Note, a day later and we are back on a recieve mode (thanks Ivan) the 220 or so hidden mails had many who needed information,thanks for waiting as you did.


Roy  phone on 021 510 7206  or

Over the last week and more I have noticed a large decline in incoming emails,even junk mails,which simply do not arrive now, our normal email addresses  the address on our web pages and ,both  of these have been used the last seven years or so.

The only email address that seems to be working is  the other addresses have not worked since around July 12th,so if you have been trying to make contact using one of those addresses and never recieved a reply,its because I never recieved your mails,please use for now,sorry about the lack of service on our side.



phone Cape Town 021 510 7206  and 021 790 3859

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bombaloza Scull

The plans are on a PDF and ready for release,we can supply them or you can buy them direct from Dave at Hartwanger Rowing,Dave will also build you a completed boat,fitted out and ready to row.CKD Boats will supply you a kit,or a ready built boat for local or export.