Friday, 24 August 2012

Johns Didi Mini Cruise in the water

We have sold many of the Dix Designed Mini Transats, some in recent years have been the Mini Cruise.The idea came from the fact that this is a very spacious boat inside, so why not increase the head room and give the boat a lifting keel.

Photo supplied by John, the the owner builder. We sent him the kit to England, then as he progressesd the rest of the boat such as the drop keel and lead ballast, even the Harken deck package.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Henry has an ID tag ring

As Henry grew up we found it ever harder and more difficult to know who was who in our garden, it even got so bad that other pigeons would fly into the house and also the garage, just as Henry was free to do.

Henry in the garage sporting his white leg band, it seemed not to bother him and was a loose fit. Henry eventually flew off one morning and we never saw him again.

By now Henry was around six months old and a big lad, keep an eye open for him and that white leg ring on his right leg!

While our Henry was totally tame, we soon found that a smaller wild female bird would enter the house after Henry, she still does and we can be working in the garden, she will land right next to you. When hungry she will come right up to the kitchen window, so in some respects we still have a tame pigeon. Of course we have named her Henrietta!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Myra, a book about a car by Colin Davies

I have no idea how many books Colin intends to write, this is the third one he has had published, so he has quite a tallent it seems.

This one is about Colins 1952 Jowett van, it morphed into a trials machine, complete with a supercharger too. Its here in the Cape right now.

All of Colins books have one thing in common, they are true recollations of things past.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Hout Bay fishing boats

Seen here on a fine afternoon, one would never guess the sea miles these boats must do to earn a living?

Picture by R McBride