Monday, 30 May 2011

Marine paints are tops on the bottom

I really was not happy with some of the finish work on the Imp body,the cars cills and lower front apron were just not well painted,the undertray was done in a 3M stone chip grey but somehow it was not really what I wanted.

The Cills I sanded and filled,they should have been done I know but so called specialists just failed to do a decent job,at least we can see some results now.The car has sound metal Cills,with me applying liquid epoxy in the right places they are now rust free and will stay that way.

The gloss white is DK type auto paints,its a twin pack and is very hard wearing,shines really well too,thats just two coats you can see.

The suspension sub assemblies can now be fitted,the paints around them are easy to clean and will not stain when oils touch their surfaces,the car is now ready for the next forty four years of use.

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