Thursday 12 September 2013

BS 1088 Okoume marine ply in Mauritius

Before you start looking I think I can tell you there is none to be found, excepting the eight sheets we sent by air cargo a few weeks back.

Its there now and being used on the restoration of a 1934 racing one design yacht.

This is a very large boat!

Pictures taken and supplied by Taffy and Shirley, yacht The Road, many thanks!

We have shipped a number of materials packs to the island of Mauritius and can supply things like epoxy, brass and stainless screws if required.

Other islands we have shipped materials and boat kits to are Marshall Islands, Johnston Athol, Honolulu and I think also Hawaii ( Didi 26)  all remote islands and proof we can ship your order just about any place.

I am told the idea will be to keep as much of the original boat as possible.