Friday 13 September 2013

The Cape Henry 21, repriced in Redwood Marine ply

Now lower priced at R31,084 plus vat for local customers. This is the plywood flat pack of 36 sheets of  9mm Redwood Marine plys, all CNC cut. You save over R11,000 ! which is around U$1100 right now.

For those paying in dollars allow U$3120, it will depend on the exchange rate at  the time of your order?

Plans are extra, as are the timber and epoxy, glass cloth and tapes etc. We expect the buyer to source the required timber where they are, we can supply the epoxy, tapes and fillers ex stock.

We can ship world wide.

Words by Justin Philips (many thanks)

 I have decided to cover the Cape Cutter 19 (CC19) and the Cape Henry 21 (CH21) together as they cover a number of variations on a single theme. The prospective owner or builder will doubtlessly spend quite a while mulling over these before choosing one!

 Tip Toe, a Cape Cutter 19 at rest down In South Island, New Zealand.

Boats, even leisure boats, exist for different reasons - racing, cruising, liveaboard, fishing, etc - and they all have their place in the sun. Day boats however, are the most special kind, because they exist purely for the fun of being on the water, for gunkholing, picnicking, camping, and simply going out to clear your head. They are generally smallish, traditional and good looking, and in my opinion maybe the purest design form available - pure art really! The CC19 and the CH21 are both brilliant examples of this.

Check the rather good SA Yacht blog for lots of info on these boats.

Tip Toe was built by Ian in Picton, New Zealand, CKD Boats cc supplied him the materials CNC cut
kit, also the birds mouth mast kit, all spars, the steel drop keel and also the 316 stainless steel deck package.

We can do the same for you on the Cape Henry 21 and also the Cape May 25.
Shipping world wide and from Cape Town, South Africa is not a problem.


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