Monday 9 September 2013

The end for fibre glass? ( GRP)

Have you ever wondered  what we are to do with those old GRP boats?

Read this, hope is at hand and that's great news.



Can fibreglass be recycled?
This was inspired from the WISP workshop. Is anyone recycling or reusing fibreglass waste in South Africa? And what about discarded moulds?

With a quick Google search, we’ve found that the Danish and Germans are onto it! Danish Fiberline Composites signed a contract in 2010 with the German companies Zajon, which specialises in converting waste to alternative fuels for industry, and Holcim, world’s leading cement manufacturer, to recycle surplus fibreglass.  

Fibreline gained a waste solution it had been seeking for years. Holcim can use both the energy and the minerals in the fibreglass for cement production, saving on fossil fuel and raw materials.

“Recycling 1000 tonnes of Fiberline profiles in cement manufacture saves up to 450 tonnes of coal, 200 tonnes of chalk, 200 tonnes of sand and 150 tonnes of aluminium oxide. And the recycling process produces no dust, ash or other residues.”  To read more about this, click here.

For another interesting article “RECYCLING DEAD BOATS”, click here.

Same link below, makes for fine reading!