Monday 9 September 2013

R 9 no more

R 9 was one of the British Navy boats sent world wide, she was really a kit boat and sent CKD and then assembled where ever she was to be based? They were used as WW2 Air Sea rescue boats.
Dated from around 1940 and 63 feet long they have lasted well but were re planked ( where required?) after 1972 when they went into service in Hout Bay on the Duiker Island trips route (seal island)

Used by the South African Navy, she was later sold to a well known day charter company in Hout Bay.

That's the deck or coach roof on the side

I had wrongly assumed these boats were double planked but they are just close planked and then caulked on the outside.

Two engines once occupied that space.

Mr Panda, the demolition forman.

MV Circe, a sister ship, will she also be cut up?

The property that both boats are on was recently sold at an auction, I expect everything must go?


Folks, its now the 29th of September 2013, I drove past the site where the R9 was being dismantled, its gone, nothing of the hull remains.