Thursday 24 October 2013

Taylors 030 stove for sale

January 30th 2015, its now sold!

I say stove but this is really a Taylors 030 shell and has been cut down to make it lower for a smaller sized yacht.

The removed sections still seem to be with the stove and given the type of construction of these stoves
I think it can be re assembled to its original size. There are no burners with the stove, so ideal for retro fitting with gas burners>

The oven was converted to gas, it worked too but now it has had the burner removed.

Offered as spares or rebuilt and with new burners and pipes, there is no paraffin tank or pressure pump.
The oven burner may be for sale also?

The cost is R2000 and as is, we have spare burners, with the control extension and knob at R750 each, brand new burners and controls are in stock and at R1500 each, plus Vat 14% if your local?

A bargain!and we can send it to you world wide by post, this was prooven yesterday when we posted the larger Taylors 030L and to Ben in Australia, it took a bit of working out but when split to three parcels we could fit inside the weight allowance and all it cost was R1340, thats only U$134!