Wednesday 23 October 2013

Back up Danforth anchors

There has been a very good feature in Yachting Monthly on anchors, page 74 issue 1286 and July 2013. Some discussion is about older anchors like the CQR and the Bruce but the modern patterns like Rocna seem to be the anchor of choice now?

I tried twice to lift just one of these monsters and gave up.

They also mention the Danforth and show a changed fluke pattern, so a copy?

Talking of copies the Bruce they show is said to be cast iron and not forged steed like the original Bruce.

They also mention a state of the art anchor test also done by Yachting Monthly and back in 2006 which was widely held to be one of the most realistic tests.

I note that tests were done with 11kg anchors while real cruisers will opt for a 25kg anchor? This really changes the game and having  read that a number of times and knowing that while cruising with a genuine Bruce main anchor, plus copy CQR anchor, I never did drag anchor ever.

Like the newer Rocna the Bruce will not lay on its back and sets quickly.

I suspect the design is just part of the plot, the weight is important but so is the back up chain!

These  anchors and chain are back up anchors by the way!

How nice is that.