Wednesday 23 October 2013

On the beach, a boat rescue in Hout Bay

No this has nothing to do with that Chris Rea mega hit song  On The Beach from about twenty five years back, this is today and just a short while ago.

Gareth, a senior crew and skipper boards Drumbeat 2 as we depart the harbour wall in Hout Bay, why? read on.

Barry the owner of the boat is at the helm, the mission is to pull a local yacht of the beach.

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Here the HBYC club barge, manager, sailing manager and marina staff are trying to run a line down to the boat.

The Station 8 NSRI crew got involved and went ashore to may a line fast to the boat.

More on this drama and as a more detailed report in the morning.

All pictures by Roy McBride using a Canon G11 digital camera.

The owner and only person aboard the boat was fine, he walked back to the harbour, while the NSRI deployed their big boat and got a line to the boat and towed it back to harbour.

Well done to all concerned!