Sunday 20 October 2013

New International Paint deck paints for old.

Would the re painting be as good as the original was the question?

After months of waiting for weather windows, I was able to finish the decks and the small area forward of the mooring cleats. Knowing that I would have to wait days, even weeks between starting and finishing, I used masking tape tape made especially for such work.

Its blue and not so cheap at R34 a roll, about U$3.50? made by 3M or Sellotape, its sold locally in 25mm (one inch) wide rolls only. I found I could remove it after many weeks and in the sun and rain.

The white is Internationals standard twin pack 990 Interthane white gloss, the grey is a mix I made myself using white and a very small amount of black, there is a similar  mix in Internationals colour chart, they name it Dawn Grey. You will only find it in 5ltr packs but given the nature of the work Its well worth buying, the base coat will last for a long time, my black is now sixteen years old!

The original paints went down some sixteen years back, with two years in a boat park fitting out, then fourteen years in the sun and weather this paint has worked well. Interthane top coats are known for ease of re application but its important to de grease and wash down prior to application with Teepol Orange (clear) liquid soap before re painting.