Thursday, 24 December 2020

Jig Saw joints in our kits

 Depending on the designer, some of our kits have what is know as a jig saw joint when two plywood panels need to be joined together, the Argie 15 is one such design. The kit we shipped to South Island in New Zealand has those joints and assembly times are quick and accurate.

Seen above the panels have been laid out in the order that they will be glued up in

The workshop floor has a sheet of industrial grade black plastic laid on it, then the epoxy coated panels are matched to each other, a second plastic sheet covers the panels and weights are positioned over the joints.

When the epoxy has fully cured the excess will be power sanded off.

Note the black plastic sheeting and a selection of weights in the form of whatever was to hand on the day.

My thanks to Ian the builder of this Argie 15 kit for his pictures.


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