Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Proteus 106 catamaran kit is now cheaper

Checking back on old mails and finding the prices to a kit on the Proteus 106 catamaran and around six years back when it was U$24,000 or so I now find that with the Rands devaluation the same kit will probably now cost you U$20,000, so a saving of U$4000 at the exchange rate today.

There was a plans fee increase, but far less than the saving mentioned above.

See also  http://ckdboats.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-proteus-106-sailing-catamaran-has.html

There is also a Proteus 106 kit under construction here in Cape Town, I spoke to the owner yesterday and he has offered to supply pictures and details of his build.

The picture is of a Proteus 106 build in Thailand, the transoms have been extended on this boat.



 Length overall: 10.600 Meters
Beam: 6.360 Meters
Draught: 0.370/1.75 Meters (dagger up/down)
Displacement: 2800 Kilograms (light)
Mainsail: 48 Sq Meters
Roller Furl Jib: 24 Sq Meters
Genneker: 58 Sq Meters
Freshwater: 140 litres (installed or 20 litre containers)

Please note

This includes the materials for the hulls, bridge decks and bunks. The cockpit and coach roof will be added to the kit soon, please ask for further details.

(now added and included in your price)

What the kit includes:


  • 10 sheets of   4mm Redwood marine ply
  •   6 sheets of   6mm  "     "          "        "
  • 78 sheets of   9mm  "    "           "        "
  • 16 sheets of 12mm  "    "           "        "
  • MDF 17 sheets x 16mm x 1220 x 2440mm
  • All CNC machine work of the above (excepting the 4mm plys)
Price to this stage, estimate on price indications todays date        R98,000
or about U$9800 right now.

dated 16/09/2013

We can also supply the epoxy and glass cloth with glass tapes as an extra to the above offer.
You would do best to source the boats Meranti wood where you are. 


All plans and royalties for this design must be bought prior or with the purchase to the kit and are available directly from us.