Saturday, 21 November 2009

Resounds new spray dodger

Jeremy in action (slow motion mode)

This was the first try at such work by Jeremy.

This became easier as he worked into the idea and ended up with exactly what he wanted.

Resound is a Lavranos 39 in GRP,untill now she has not had a spray dodger of any sort,thats no good idea with the winds we can get around the cape from time to time.The boats owner,Jeremy,decided to have a go at making a spray dodger himself,he used our 3mm thick Superform bending plywoods,with a few layers around the boats existing combings,it was an easy bend,as Superform takes that radius with ease.

Around three years later and the hard dodger looks good and works well.

Make it yourself using our Superform bending plywood, in stock right now in 3mm,5mm and 8mm thicknesses.

How easy can it get!


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