Sunday, 13 April 2008

Faryman Diesel engine,8hp,new

We bought a brand new Faryman diesel engine to install in a boat that never got built,we sold the kit instead! So the Faryman Single Cylinder 8hp diesel motor,is now for sale and at a very low price of R17,000 about U$2200 ex our works.The engine is brand new,its never been used or even installed in anything,it still has the makers tag lable on it telling you to put engine oil in it.The engine is water cooled and has an electric start and a hand crank too,there is no wire loom or alaternator,so you need to source that yourself if the end use is a boat? If its for a generator power plant,I assume you can use it as it is now.We also have a used marine forward and reverse gear box at R5000 (u$650),it looks about the right size for the Faryman engine?

24.4.08 News,this engine has now been sold.

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