Saturday, 24 August 2013

Deck hatch new Plexiglas lens kit

This has been an idea for some while, we have the CNC machine to do the Plexiglas cutting, the correct UV proof sealant from Dow-Corning, so why not make deck hatch service kits?

This was in a nice safe place on the deck of a boat, it could not really be stepped on, the damage you see came from the sun and the method of bonding of the center handle.

This is from a Lewmar made hatch, in this case the sealing of the 8mm thick Plexiglas to the alloy frame is done with a rudder sealing strip, as you can see we can take this one apart.

We can do port lights, open or closed, deck hatches, clear, smoke or blue tint even white, which seems quite popular now.

Hatches can be by Lewmar, Gebo, Starlight, or probably what ever you have, we will need a template of the existing lens. We then CNC cut to shape and size, plus supply a tube of sealant to install the new lens with.

Local plastics suppliers have Plexiglas, Pespex, Lexan, Ampagard, and Perspex so we have a nice choice of materials to work from.

For those who are local to Cape Town and can remove their hatches we can offer a lens removal and fitting service.

How easy is that!