Saturday, 28 May 2011

Real wood laminate veneers

To compliment our Superform bending plys we have stocked various versions of flexible veneers for almost as long as the bending plys.It was on a Craft paper backer,which pushes the cost up but does see it add value on some jobs.

Mahogany,left click for a larger view.

Ex stock right now,we also carry Teak,American Walnut,Maple,Oak,Beech etc.the sheet size is 2.44mtrs x 1.22 mtrs and just 0.06mm thick.

We have quite a range in stock but only in a natural finish,its a wood on wood construction,both side go length ways,finish is perfect and requires no sanding and its just 0.06mm thick. We can now offer in the next shipment pre finished veneers in both Satin and a High Gloss,all you need to do is apply it.

Roll your own or for model makers,use either two or three layers and glue up thin plywoods,thats just 1.2mm thick with the two layers,or 1.8mm thick with the three layers.we can cut to size and send to you so you can make your own plys up.Using our waterproof cold glue,its then a very decent ply.

Thin ply,make this yourself using either 2 or 3 layers of veneer at a lower cost at a model makers shop.
Either 1.2mm or 1.8mm thick depending on your lay up?

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