Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fitting your own motor glass

It started as many things do,just one step at a time,I though to see how the new side window rubbers fitted the body frame,they are after all a reproduction of a seal made over forty years back.I sourced them from the Hillman Imp Clubs excellent spares department.

The new seal fitted the cars body just fine,so next was to try the seal on the just cleaned motor glass,water and a razor blade work really well on glass.At this time that was all I intended doing,the budget for the rebuild includes a motor glass refit specialist.

Of course by now I was curious to know what comes next and will the glass and the new seal fit the opening? I soon developed a method and to my rather great surprise saw the very first motor glass panel installed that I had ever attempted to do.

By now Henry was real keen to inspect the progress,he even came inside the car with me to see what the method was.

Henry up close takes a look

By now I was on a roll and soon had the second side fitted,then finished the trial MDF template for the rear window,which on this car will be fixed to save the weight of the steel frame.

Fit your own motor glass? why not,how hard can that be!


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