Thursday, 28 July 2011

New batteries for old

Well that sounds good to me,when I bought a brand new Exide sealed 40amp hour battery for the Imp we have in progress,I was asked do I have an old one? the reply was no and I thought little about it,except when I saw I was charged R171 tax on not having an old trade in.

The new battery,it cost just under R600 but with the tax (thats what I call it) added on a stinging R771,the tax is probably a single levy and on any size battery but in this case over 25% added to the new one.
In the past I have given old batteries away but not anymore.

I was told it is a green issue and a lever to ensure you return the old battery,as they do not want them finding their way into waste dumps and rivers,looking at it this way I think its the right way to go,well done South Africa!


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