Sunday, 24 July 2011

a new Imp race manifold from below

Better pics today!

The heart of the new 998cc engine is the crank and piston set but the related bits we fit and bolt on really decide what power output we see in the end.

The original 875cc engine came out with just one Solex carb,the choke was only 19mm but with this set up we have two twin choke Weber dcoe size 40 and each choke is a massive 32mm!
Expensive? well in any currency its never a cheap option but if you want the results you have to start with the right parts,its a waste of time and effort otherwise.

We have fitted the new liners and 998cc Hillman Imp pistons but also new camshaft followers (tappets) and new R20 camshaft,with a stroke of good luck I also found a brand new camshaft carrier,how can we do this when the car was introduced some 48 years back? contacts! 


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