Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Bayfront Maritime Center

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They built one of our Didi Mini Transat kits and made a great job of it too.Using what they termed 'Inner City Kids'they went through the many and varied assembly processes and with many schools involved produced a great looking boat,who says boat building is hard!

Based on Lake Erie,near Philladelphia,USA.

EASE Underway

The Erie Adaptive Sailing Experience (EASE) got underway on June 24th. This program provides sailing opportunities for people with physical and intellectual disablities to get out on the water and have some fun.
Running through August 12, there are 22 sailors participating in two 4-week sessions and 21 volunteers donating their time to make sure all runs smoothly.

EASE is now operating four boats, after the recent purchase of another Access Dinghy. EASE sailors are also sporting new personal flotation devices (PFDs) through another generous donation from a local dentist. The pontoon boat that accompanies the sailors as a safety boat has a newer engine and a refurbished awning. A little cooperation from the weather and we're bound to have a great sailing season!

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