Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A 12 volt battery,make the connection

Seen in pictures there are a number of ways to connect battery cables,if we use the crimp end method,its easy to then fit to the marine grade batteries which have a threaded rod,rather than a lead pole.

Two options and they will both work,the crimped one at the top is the neater and has the ability to fit to an AC Delco Delphi type marine battery too.

Look closely,the blue wire has a positive battery terminal end on ( + ),while the black wire has the negative ( - )  or ground terminal end.The positive is larger than the negative,so we can not mix them up.

Making the connection.

Note,normally the earth or ground cable is black and the positive or live cable is red,the picture above just demonstrates the connection to the battery.

If possible coat the terminal with Fluid Film or Vasaline jelly,both will stop a bad connection due to moisture.

A crimp end and shrink tube end is made off to a starter solenoid,only tghe crimp end works in this case.

Another crimp end application,in this case to Lucas M 35g starter motor.


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