Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Battery cables,crimps,make your own,work like a pro.

Boats and special car applications probably need a special length battery cable,in the case of the car being assembled right now the fact that we are moving the 12 volt battery into the car for better weight distribution,this is the case.

Being organised is a large part of success,where to find the parts needed can take a while but any decent electrical wholesaler should have the three main elements seen above.

Note,fit the shrink tube at this stage!

The cable will be used as an earth or ground strap from the Exide battery,the car is a negative earth,so we connect the battery to the cars body as close as possible,shorter cables are prefered.
The three elements here are the heavy duty battery cable,welding cable can be used too,then the crimp ends,which have been pre drilled to take the bolt that will fasten them.The wider black sleeve is whats called Shrink Tube,this really finishes off the job properly and keeps the ends neat and some moisture out.

All pictures will open larger if you left click on them.

The wire ends need cutting back to the depth of the copper crimp,use a sharp knife and do not over cut.

The crimp and cable with shrink tube is ready to do the next stage,crimping,the crimp will push home the last bit when held firmly.

This heavy duty crimp tool will be beyond the availability of most,me too,so I borroed this one from a good friend (thanks Charles) I would expect some hire shops may have them,or if not,you do all the preperations and just go to an Auto Electrical shop and have them do the actual crimp job for you,its fast,so should cost very little.

The finished job,just look how neat it is.You can also do a reasonable job with a large punch,say a 6mm diameter,you can do with out the shick tube too but why not finish the job properly.

This is one way to shink the tube,I would normally use my Bosch heat gun but as most boats tend to have a gas stove,I have used this option instead.Please work safely and keep your hands back from the flame.
The tube does not need a massive amount of heat,do not flame the cable outer cover,it will melt very quickly.

The finished job,see how neat it looks.

Both ends heated and complete,remember to switch the gas off!

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