Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Hillman Imp as a racing car?

Due to my own racing years in the Hillman Imp I know a fair amount about building such cars.

The place was the Killarney Race Circuit just outside Cape Town, the date was around 1972/73.
Clive was my spanner man, I later sold the car to Clive and I became his spanner man.

The engine was a 998cc wet liner conversion, with an R20 racing camshaft, all parts were supplied by the Rootes Competitions department.

A rare picture of the early Mk1 Imp engine that I converted to the 998cc size. Set up on a rolling road I was told it put out some 87bhp.

With my many contacts for both standard a competition parts such cars can be prepared again if required.

How hard can this be? well finding the car here will be one issue, I know of two suitable Hillman Imps in South Africa that will be suitable.


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