Thursday, 2 February 2017

Hillman Imp car restoration

I have been involved in the Hillman Imp since I was seventeen years old, as my first car was a Balmoral Grey Hillman Imp Mk1.

That set me on the track I am still on today, for sure there have been some stops along the way but over the years the Imp has always been in my mind.

My first Imp and on a holiday in Austria, circa 1966 I would guess?

A 1971 Hillman Imp Deluxe which I restored back in 2013 to a very high standard.

The car was basically taken apart, serviced, re painted and re assembled.

This car still had its original engine in it, I converted it to a 998cc sized engine using imported liners and pistons.

This kind of work can be undertaken to the owners own requirements, contact me for further information please. Exporting has already been done, so that is an understood process.


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