Sunday, 23 June 2013

Buying a new Hillman Imp

No its not now possible, I did it once I am pleased to say!

We have a once off offer, a dry stored Hillman Imp which was licenced first on January 1st 1973, which is rather strange.

Find it here

This offer would suit someone who wants an as near as new car, of course the car is now forty one years old, so is a restoration project. There is no floor pan rot, just some minor spots on a wheel arch which will be attended to.

This engine could be one you may want?

There is also a rebuilt Sport motor, totally original and with the early 170 series cylinder head. The new pistons are Hepolite Powermax and to 0.60" oversize, the engine has never run since being rebuilt. With an R17 360 lift  camshaft right now it can be de tuned to the Sport 310 lift camshaft.