Tuesday 25 June 2013

A South African Hillman Imp 998cc engine

This one is here now and in Cape Town, it will be built up in the next few weeks and may be for sale? It will be a short motor, a cylinder head is not included but options for one, including the later Mk2 L4 head with the sport type rear oil drain hole exist. The larger ImpSport inlet valves and seats can be fitted to this head.

The liners and pistons are brand new, so are the crank and big end bearings.
All journals on the crank were recut to a 0.010" size.

Quality 998cc Imp pistons and rings were Imported from our overseas suppliers.

The blue outer paper gasket suits a Wills ringed head, we would recomend a solid copper 998cc gasket for normal local use. This engine would be sold on exchange for a sound Mk2 or Sport engine.

Best offer this year?