Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Danckaert traveling bed table saw for sale/sold!

Now sold.

This is the real thing, a solid cast iron table saw that can cut both solid wood to 100mm deep and also boards like plywood and MDF (supawood) etc.

The make is Danckaert of Belgium, the motor is reputed to be around 10hp, in storage right now and for sale at R9000 (about U$900) we can ship world wide.

Cutting this laminated Didi 26 Iroko drop keel to size is easy with this machine.

The bed is solid and flat due to the iron casting, the rails are a heavy casting with genuine roller bearing greasable iron wheels. The start switch needs attention or a replacement.

Check the link to see the fifty years of heritage in this machine!


All the boats are by Dudley Dix Design being two Didi Mini Transats and an Argie 10 dinghy, we offer those as kits, CNC cut plywoods and epoxies.